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  1. Bcuz of all those videos of the team fortress guys with bird heads

  2. Have..have you ever eaten the pussy of someone who turns you on? You wouldn't equate it to a kitchen counter that needs to be wiped down 🤣 I used to have a compromised immune system, I know ALL about germaphobia. The clean (i mean basic hygiene clean) pussy of a woman you love will not be perceived as germy I can tell you that lol

  3. Austin Veterinary Emergency and Specialty off of 2222 let me walk in with my kitty when we had an emergency. She was a new patient too

  4. They probably mean "cringe" towards the industry and normalization of all that shit, but yeah cursed would have been a better tag

  5. Aw damn not my size otherwise I would. Such lovely colors and looks comfy too. Good luck!

  6. Thank you so much for trying to keep them together. Thank you thank you thank you. To anyone looking to adopt, having 2 cats is way easier than 1 bcuz they are happy best friends who share their friendship and love with you and you don't even have to work harder than you would for one cat. It's the same amount of work for 2, they're just happier and better behaved since they have a kitty best friend

  7. This is the first of two final episodes (an hour each) that will finally conclude the anime. The second and final episode ever premieres Fall 2023

  8. Men in dresses/skirts will never not be hot, you're rockin it 😎

  9. Id love to hear your thoughts about how it changed your perspective or what you experienced

  10. I feel like blaming this on democrats or republicans is just distracting and dividing us from facing our real enemy; capitalism and the oligarchy we live in where money matters over lives

  11. 30.2651671, -97.7573696 Paste these coordinates on Google maps :) this photo was taken right there

  12. I'm sure you have a body part you dont like being touched. Cats have boundaries just like people. Its hard to resist the belly tho 😳

  13. Donn's Depot, sculpture falls when it's full, hike and bike trail

  14. Does anybody know what those little sock booties hes wearing are called? With the different bottom material stitched on?

  15. Would God be considered “loving” if he took free will?

  16. My bad I didn't realize eradicating childhood cancer was also the removal of free will 🤪

  17. Came back to this thread because I just saw this video and it reminded me of this post lol

  18. this following link is extremely graphic, you have been warned. this is not safe for work, and not safe for children.

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