1. I dont understand how people end up with cats like this, I've lived with cats most my life and they are sweet little loyal love buckets but every so often I see one on the internet being an actual meanie

  2. Any recommendations for walkable places to rent?

  3. Check out Clarksville, really great safe neighborhood that is super walkable

  4. "You didn't celebrate sukkot omg thats so sad that must've been such a sad childhood!" Hahaha too real. The amount of times I've heard this when I say I dont celebrate Christmas

  5. i wonder what the weather is like wherever they are. bc lil nas is dressed like it’s winter but the boys are dressed like it’s summer lol

  6. Probably just kids being kids saying they don't need a jacket even tho its cold to adults

  7. Any recommendations for learning dance? Maybe salsa or bachata specifically? I do need to get work done, but I’m also not too afraid of approaching people myself and putting my own effort forward

  8. I'd recommend Donn's Depot, they got a two step class at 730pm on Wednesdays and great live music afterwards to practice what you just learned

  9. Its called toxic masculinity to differentiate it from masculinity in general. Dude on the lower half is good at arguing with annoying fucks like Sneako, he has way more patience than me

  10. You're a really talented storyteller. I'll remember your video

  11. I assumed so, it has the pink "i made this" tag by the post title

  12. I'm sorry but that dog makes the perfect most adorable little seal those judges are bliiiind

  13. This is so nice of her! When is the live show? I'm moving to San Diego in a couple months and I might be living there by then

  14. Ocarina of time was over 20 years ago

  15. True. But I was referencing the time skip Link experiences in the game which is 7 years.

  16. Hey how did it go? Did you end up finding a place?

  17. Yep! Literally 4 months later. Had to settle for a studio in El Cajon because roommate situation didn’t work out. It was the only area that had anything in my price range. I move in October!! So relieving

  18. Hey did you ever figure out how to find a place? I'm about to fly to San Diego and apartment hunt myself, any tips?

  19. Thanks! I'll stick to zillow and apartments dot com. This is all really great advice! Taking notes. What ended up working for you?

  20. Copy and pasting my reply from the last time someone asked this:

  21. You should befriend a giant moth just in case things get out of hand

  22. Maybe to a friends house? Sorry you're going through this, sounds stressful :(

  23. Honestly not a bad idea. I've seen these businesses change alot and they never seem high traffic except for Swedish Hill. That place is a treasure and I'm a lil sad to see it would be demolished if this were built. Its often busy and has good vibes. It adds to the neighborhood

  24. This makes me want to get a cat but all the ones I’ve come in contact with have tried to maul my face off so I’m very conflicted. Maybe I just have bad luck or I’m doing something wrong.

  25. Damn I'm sorry. It might be bcuz youre used to dog body language and behavior. With cats you have to take the time to learn the body language of a new animal. Cats, like humans, have boundaries and don't want to be touched 100% of the time. Usually an aggressive cat is actually being defensive,, and has already said "no I don't want to be touched right now" non verbally. But if you don't understand cat body language (which is very different than dog body language) you will miss it. And if you dont speak cat then the mauling might seem like the first expression of that boundary, but to the cat its like "jeez man I already told you nicely, do I really have to get violent?!?". Anyway, yeah they are extremely loving loyal and affectionate creatures but you have to go out of your way to learn their language to really bond with them. Dont worry I'm sure you have a sweet cuddly kitty friend in your future 🥰

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