TIFU by getting a co-worker to flash me

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  1. My bottled water delivery, Ready Refresh, asks me to tip via their app after my monthly delivery. That annoys me. Also yesterday I was asked to tip my nurse at the med spa for Botox injections.

  2. I think most women with BC gain weight. They give us steroids that make us hungry, and the hormone blockers slow down our metabolism.

  3. That’s what my oncologist told me. It’s one of the few cancers where most patients GAIN weight. Lucky us, huh?

  4. Eating at 5:00 a.m. and then going to sleep? How long did you fast prior to that? Do you just go back to sleep for an hour or two before getting up for the day?

  5. The fact that Phoebe took a home pregnancy test the day she had the embryos implanted and it came out positive always annoys me.

  6. There’s never any guarantee that you’ll get your money two days early. There’s a disclaimer somewhere in your documentation that will say that. It’s at your bank’s discretion if they choose to make it available to you on the chance that it gets to them early.

  7. I just got very excited for OP because of your suggestion. I second the other user that said don’t read up about it. Oh man I wish I could go back and watch it again for the first time!!!

  8. Come back when you’re done and tell us what you thought of it. (Minus spoilers, of course!)

  9. Game changer of an eye mask, and I assume waaayyy more comfortable than goggles. Just be sure to get the bigger one with the roomier “cups” and they’ll never touch your lashes.

  10. My new conspiracy theory is they only hired Diana to make Erika seem less terrible. That’s the only explanation I can come up with for them hiring this garbage human.

  11. It’s a serum - Rescue Spa Biologique Placenta. You have to screw on the dropper to the top of the bottle when you unbox.

  12. I’ve had their serums before and I recognize the size/shape of the bottle and label. The link has a photo of the bottle without the dropper attached. On the counter, the dropper is screwed on. FTR I’ve used the serum and didn’t notice much difference, but the brand’s P50 Lotion is amazing.

  13. Did production bring in Diana as a way to make Erika look less evil? Change my mind.

  14. I’ve had the same thought. Also Diana is someone willing to flaunt their wealth inappropriately since they can no longer use Ericka to fill that role on the show.

  15. Why does it look like she’s can’t move her top lip in this gif 😂

  16. I’m no computer person, but couldn’t someone slow the footage down and figure out exactly where you live? I’m high, so maybe I’m just offering some sympathy paranoia. If so, please ignore.

  17. If they wanted to they could. It'd be more effort than it's worth. I also stopped the video before I got to my house so at the most they'd get my city and that's it

  18. I just watched 8 hours of The Staircase on HBO and then the 13 hours of the documentary on which it was based all in three days. Call me paranoid, but you should probably get that fixed.

  19. Amway: You have two breasts, then they have two breasts and so on

  20. It’s just always been something I assumed could be a problem. Maybe someone else can advise?

  21. Setting spray made my lashes clump up really bad, it was very hard to brush them out had to clean them very well. Not worth it in my opinion! I go without

  22. Thanks for the info - good to know I made the right decision even if it was dumb luck. :-)

  23. aliens in 5246: “and so the king said ‘covfefe’ and it caused him to fall from power”

  24. Thank you! I’ve been trying to figure out who she reminds me of and that’s it!

  25. I was a guest at a small hotel in upstate New York traveling for business when for some reason I pulled open the nightstand drawer. It was mid November, and I found a small plastic bag full of Halloween candy. Needless to say that was one of my best trips ever!

  26. I’m on some pain meds currently and read that as “Halloween candy with needles” and was very confused for a second why you were pleased with the find! Lol.

  27. I physically recoiled at the part where you said “…he stands up,”. Why the hell would either of you be on the bathroom floor at all??? ICK!

  28. Three days after my best friend (M35) passed away, my 3 yo son told me “The man with the big eyebrows was in my room last night and he pinched me!” One of the most discerning features of my friend were his thick brows, and he was very ornery with little kids. My son hadn’t seen him since he was about 18 months old, so he didn’t remember him. Freaked me out when he said it!

  29. I clicked the link not knowing where I was headed. I thought they were watching a different trial altogether! They are BONKERS!

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