SpaceX simultaneous landing of Falcon Heavy boosters from today’s Space Force launch

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  1. Good question! It takes some different engineering than a traditional expendable booster, as the base (such as the skirt around the engines, insulation, etc) needed to be reinforced to take those reentry loads.

  2. Sheetz is claiming his source is "someone familiar with the matter" and then mentions that the other news organization "previously reported" on it. It's certainly not particularly clear...

  3. I'm attributing the information in my report to the sources I have. It's a standard practice / courteousy in journalism to give credit and link to others if they were first with a scoop or exclusive.

  4. Well no better answer than from the man himself. Thank you for the clarification!

  5. I don’t know. To be honest, in light of Juncosa’s now extended stay, it seems to be about optimizing Starbase.

  6. Indeed! Thanks for linking to my tweets - posted the article too.

  7. My buddies and I were on the other side of that jetty and saw you taking that set on the head – was about to paddle over when you swept around the end of the jetty! Glad you're okay and made it back in. We all have those learning experiences.

  8. That's my biggest takeaway. Our attack struggled to click and we were sloppy/passive in the midfield. But we don't get this point last season.

  9. The lack of a McKennie card is brutal news for my American squad

  10. someday I want to be on this list (though ideally before I'm dead)

  11. You know…with the current meta, he might actually be decent, for the first time in Fifa history

  12. I got him out of a pack (first icon packed ever for me in FUT!) and he's been fantastic in a 4-3-3.

  13. And the jetties were nearly empty (surfed with 2 others) for the first hour of dawn patrol lol

  14. Upvoting this because I’ll be in Paris for a couple weeks in September and would also love to know.

  15. FWIW, I checked the Everton supporters club directory and found one in France - just DM'd them about Paris spots.

  16. Other than when the lifeguards are out (which is in the middle of the day, when conditions are generally the worst), you can surf anywhere between 60th and 90th. If it's clean and 2-5ft, most jetties will have a number of surfers out and you can usually spot the more beginner friendly crowds – look for folks with big foam boards. So long as you understand

  17. What’s the best way to contact authors when you notice an error to fix? I’ve tried dozens of times and never get a response or a correction. It’s frustrating more than anything

  18. Good question! Most major publications will have a page for feedback/corrections (

  19. Not exactly a Suby guy, but we have an incredibly reliable, trustworthy and honest guy in South Slope. We have a 2003 Legacy wagon and she’s in amazing shape thanks to our mechanic. We’ve done a lot of work at L&B and Chris always takes really good care of us and never cheats us out of anything. Seriously.

  20. I know this is an old comment, but wanted say thanks for referencing Chris / L&B. Just got some work done there on my '06 Forester that I was having a headache finding a mechanic for, and he looked at it same day I called and had it all (compressor & window motors) fixed in under 24 hours. Awesome service.

  21. Yay! Actually was just there yesterday and he did a bunch of work on our old girl! He’s the best for real. Glad to hear it worked out!!!

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