What's the best response to "Dad, I think I'm gay"?

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  1. I’m not sure you do. But it’s got a big fat Run button on it with favorite modes that make it little effort to press when you get started.

  2. I did the same! Played a little bit but realized I didn’t want to spoil anything. You got this, just a little longer!

  3. For anyone who finds this post, I found a workable solution. If you sign up for the beta program, you can get the 4.17 software which includes animations that make the gesture privacy mode much more bearable.

  4. If it is a hot mopped shower pan, nails are put in the weep holes on the drain before they hot mop it to keep the tar out of the weep holes. The nails should have been taken out and the weep holes should’ve been cleaned before building the mortar bed for the shower floor. It looks like they missed this step. If this is the case you’ll be redoing your shower very soon.

  5. Somebody has bent the nails upward, as if to let things pass through. Is that standard practice?

  6. Looks like Ed Greenwood, the DND author who created both the Forgotten Realms and Baldur’s Gate, has a new series on YouTube! I just subscribed.

  7. My god, it looks like a king termite. Please somebody tell me it’s not.

  8. It’s an alate, how many were there and could you see a source? They fly in the thousands each year and it’s not uncommon for some to fly into a house, the few that do are usually not a problem

  9. There were two outside the toilet and a handful dead in the toilet water. This toilet is part of a master bathroom, which has a master bedroom attached that has a sliding glass door. We did have the sliding glass door open yesterday with the screen pulled, but it’s possible they got in through cracks in the screen. If so, they would have had to be attracted to the toilet to make it in there, and the distance from the sliding glass door to the toilet is at least 15 feet and through two (open) doors. I don’t know enough about termites to know if they could fly in and make it that far, but it feels improbable that that’s the only place we’d find them. I’m thinking it’s more probable they came in through cracks in the baseboards, but who knows. Do you have any thoughts?

  10. Put it in a brokerage invested in an ETF/mutual total market fund and don’t touch it.

  11. I’d argue to wait for the imminent recession, then do this when prices are lower. In the meantime stick it in a money market account to counteract inflation (as much as you can with low risk).

  12. I mean, they are minors under the school’s legal care and protection during school hours. Don’t conflate policies and procedures fostering a safe school environment with prison life.

  13. Legalities aside, if the policies are similar then the student described by the OP has a point.

  14. I got 100 eth loan from the tooth fairy

  15. Finally, someone who has some real sense about them. Same. I pulled five ETH out of my ass’s ass.

  16. https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/11gqree/apoll%D0%BE_exchange_started_giving_loans_offering_25/japtlma/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3

  17. Came to say this. This looks like the left side of a much larger cover image.

  18. I’m switching from tech to teaching. I’ve applied for a gig at the community college which may just be the sweet spot, best of both worlds. We’ll see. My guess is it’ll depend on you finding the right institution that works best for you.

  19. Is it really the same one? There’s no way given all the effort they put in the game that they’d use the same map.

  20. Imagine believing the equivalent of a 5 year old’s drawing is a solid predictor of the future.

  21. Do you have a doctorate? At least in my area, getting a full-time CC position requires a doctorate now.

  22. I don’t have a doctorate, or a masters! But I do have 16 years experience in the field I want to teach (Computer Science) and in my local community college you can apply for equivalency. I’m hoping that’ll be good enough to get be accepted.

  23. I'm a student teacher myself in the complete opposite position -- I receive feedback almost daily -- so I have no words of advice. I will say though that it sounds like the feedback your mentor teacher gave you was disingenuous and unfair. It's almost like they gave you a single grade at the end of the semester, without any time for feedback or course correction. Heck, students get more feedback than this.

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