1. Never heard of him. The genre is easy to listen too, so I may check him out. The cadence of the Spanish language lends itself to rhythmically focused music.

  2. Biden investigation getting hot, one of the 9/11 planners released, epstein client list always, jobs report numbers looking sus, billions of missing dollars in Ukraine, Pfizer mutating covid... so much going on.

  3. Shrinky dinks. You can get clear sheets on Amazon, not very expensive. Use colored sharpies and shrink em up. Takes a little goofing around to figure out the right size, but once you got it its easy. For the base... use your imagination. Sculpty works great if you have the knack.

  4. I store my dice in a big treasure chest cause I have like 70 sets of them. I grab whichever random ones I need from the chest. Different every session. Sometimes I dig to the bottom so those dice don't feel left out.

  5. Should be sent to Canadian gulag for hard labor. In soviet Canada, traitors cannot be tolerated.

  6. Glow champ dyes pretty ok. I'd go 4-6 hours. But I'm no professional

  7. Parody racism is much different than genuine racism. Also I don't care much for family guy and south park either.

  8. Can you elaborate on the difference? How is South Park making a joke about Asians having small dicks different than Velma saying Fred is a small dicked white guy ?

  9. South Park is satirical. They are trying to be offensive for laughs. Velma is just mean spirited hate. Thats the difference. I don't particularly think either is good.

  10. The concept of ownership. In a generation or two everything will be purely subscription/rent based.

  11. I hope this does not come to pass. Though the powers that be are trying to, in the open now. Had you said this 5 years ago you would have been a looney, now you're just reading off the WEF website.

  12. Most of the plastic waste in our oceans comes from developing countries. Let's raise them from poverty so they can dispose of their waste properly or use more expensive renewable means. I am 100% on board. This is not sarcasm. Though it may read that way. Renewable are more expensive, ergo less available to the poorest people. Let's fix this.

  13. The plastic waste problem is particularly bad in Haiti - because water is unsafe to drink there, they consume a lot of bottled products in plastic (imported!) as well as bagged water. The lack of any kind of MSW management (or any form of functional government to speak of) means it all ends up in the drainage ditches and tropical rain storms wash giant waves of plastic bottles out to the bay. Nearly 10 million people crammed into PAP generates a prodigious volume of trash.

  14. Absolutely. Most of the waterways in India are literally clogged with waste, mostly plastic.

  15. Well. You would be speaking loud enough to clearly enunciate the words, and I imagine most verbal components are in a mystic arcane dialect instead of common, otherwise people might be accidentally reciting incantations. So I think it wouldn't be hard to notice. You might pop one off before anyone notices, but after that I'm sure there would be scrutiny.

  16. Well. Technically they have paid for the copyright. They can download or screenshot every book they have paid for.

  17. My group is spread out (geographically) so we've all chipped in for the books. As much as I disagree with what's going on and k really hope they turn it around, DnDB is simply the easiest, cheapest way for my group to share the resources. We can't bail from it for now.

  18. When googling philosophers, remember its spelled Epictetus. My kid typed it out how it sounded, and got a whole side of the internet he wasn't ready for.

  19. They are looking out for you in their own way. There comes a point in every parents life that they will have to let their kids make decisions. Your parents haven't realized this yet. Does this make them bad? No. Does it seem a little overboard? Probably, but that depends on a lot of factors. Have a calm and respectful discussion with them and outline why you feel that you need to make your own decisions, or why you would like certain things like a phone. Put some prep work into your arguments so they can see you are serious and responsible about your own decisions. Maybe they will in turn tell you the reasons they make the choices that they do regarding your upbringing.

  20. As written its arguable. But I don't belive that is the intent. The stress seems intended for wishing for something outside the defined limits of the wording. The alternative outlines besides casting a spell of 8th level or lower seem like they are designed to avoid the stress component to me.

  21. Wish is the mightiest spell a mortal creature can cast. By simply speaking aloud, you can alter the very foundations of reality in accord with your desires.

  22. Everything is arguable in a game where the GM has the discretion to do anything they choose.

  23. Sorry man no blue fd3 here, just really curious on how that Hy-Road is?! Used to throw a Thunder Road wayyy back in the day. Been wanting to try the newer stuff. Love Storm in general.

  24. I'm enjoying it. Drilled it 45⁰x4x30⁰ it rules the house pattern. Took some getting used to, MUCH stronger than my 900 global boost without being a monster. Smells like red bull to me, so i enjoy that. Highly recommended. Its been in production for over a decade for a reason.

  25. Been bowling since I was 3. Bowled collegiately and bowled some PBA stuff and Nationals to some success. 2018-2020 I was bowling my best ever, but then the pandemic hit. I started playing disc golf because there was no sense in practicing bowling if there were no tournaments to bowl. After a few months I decided I wanted to put all my focus into disc golf. 2022 was the first year in a long time where I havent bowled league or shot any honor scores. I still work in the industry and like the sport, but I havent had a desire to lace up in some time.

  26. Wow, a non-ironic bagged Groove! Well done, OP. Have you had any issues replacing it? I've only thrown a few throughout the years, but each has flown dramatically different than the last.

  27. I've got a spare thats pretty close. I like them on the understable side, so I beat the crap out of a stable one to match this one. Groove is nice and comfortable for a FH. And a good one flies basically like a beat in destroyer. Not sure why people don't like them.

  28. what app is this. would love to do this with my bag

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