1. Wow, real clear who you are. A&S and O&O actions are everything that is wrong with the block? Not production that has intentionally formed how you feel about contestants by their well executed editing? Not by the judges that have sold their soul to channel nine and are basically puppets for production? Not by the blatant creation of drama regardless of how it hurts innocent contestants busting their asses to better their lives? Or how contestants are unknowingly cast in predetermined character rolls for our entertainment.

  2. Of all the things wrong with the block, the biggest change for you are the 3 examples of brown people being sketchy.

  3. Nope. Nothing to do with anyone’s skin colour at all and quite frankly the accusation being made here really pisses me off.

  4. I'd really like to see them do the random draw to set the bracket instead of the set of matches that just mysteriously appear...

  5. I want a panel of 5 or 6 judges and each week, it is a different combination of three so that their 'taste' cannot be catered to and one team ends up winning week after week.

  6. I reviewed the N-Gage and was able to say whatever I wanted about that ridiculous thing and Nokia’s NDA was more like a short form to say that I was going to send it back in one piece and that was about it. This Amico nonsense is just an attempt to convince a few gullible folks that there is actually a console coming soon. And maybe there is. But let’s face it - there isn’t.

  7. It actually played games pretty well, all things considered but the whole taco shape and side talking made it a little ridiculous.

  8. One of the biggest issues is that when the judges pick out a favourite like they did this year with SJ&T, it seems to become super easy for them to bank on getting win after win after win. Maybe having two or three teams of judges in a random rotation could help with that, especially some who are more concerned with practicalities than cushions.

  9. Okay look, I haven’t been able to stand A&S this season, and truly believe they’ve done very little (if anything) to further or better their situation.

  10. I really hope that A&S make a decent amount of money on auction day simply because of the onscreen edit they've gotten this year. I know they are inexperienced and whiny and all those other things, but the way that Scotty interacts with them is just so appalling. I guess once the influencers quit in week one, they quickly had to decide who the new bad guys were going to be, so here we are.

  11. Bold of you to assume this would stay in this condition for 6 fights. (If all the fights went to the judges.)

  12. I was taking into account the time for switching over bots between fights too, so maybe more like one or two fights.

  13. The thing that is really driving me mad this year is the inconsistencies in the judging where something that is actually a huge deal to fix is given as much focus as something that is relatively trivial to deal with.

  14. In these country homes: wouldnt you want a wine cellar more akin to r&rs space but bigger. They are selling a vineyard. So I would have scrapped the TV and put in some barrels, had it really look like a winery area. Then have some outdoor landscaping with similar look as their table. Ie. You can sell it as a, wine tasting area. As already mentioned, any of these rooms can operate as a n office space. Just make sure one of the spare rooms has a futon style bed and huge desk or big enough to have both. Sjs&ts space makes zero sense as two people would not want to work together in that space and it was a clinical area rather than have comfy seats/bean bags, screen for conferencing, coffee and fridge area, sofa etc... But then neither of these two have a role like this in real life to understand that. A&s have no excuse as ankur should know what space would be needed having wfh through covid. I can't remember what o&o do but if they are not tradies like a number of the others, then might explain why they got it more right even if not finished.

  15. Honestly, if I was spending this much money on a house, I'd design the damned thing myself so I got exactly what I wanted rather than put my faith in a tv show...

  16. He is getting better though - in the third series, he started being a bit more assertive and interacting in a more Taskmaster-y way with the contestants (although that was probably because of his relationships with them). Compare that to the start of Series 1 where he had NO idea how to deal with Angella's adorable weirdness, giving her one point for bringing in her anti-depressants.

  17. I believe DJC said he is not getting his until the "2nd wave" of test units - possibly it will be Mullis's unit once he is finished?

  18. Maybe they can’t send out more than 50% of all the Amicos in the universe at one time, just in case something happens to all/both of them and they have to start over…

  19. I just don’t get why anyone would think this is a big deal. The channels they are sending the two units to are not particularly popular, and I doubt there will be anything new on display. Plus it is a big kick in the teeth to the people who have supported Intellivision through this, but not in the kind of sycophantic way that these two have.

  20. I just keep thinking that if you were to drop the money to live here as a family home, you will be surrounded by AirBnB party homes, out in the middle of nowhere.

  21. If I was basing this solely off the listings, I really like 2 and 3 whereas 1 and 5 don't seem to present as well.

  22. It is such a random thing, and I hate that it might all depend on the whims of one buyer but that's the way it has gone the last few years.

  23. Danny is the only person there that would buy the ugliest house just because it’s the biggest.

  24. Honestly, they aren’t my favourite this season, but is anyone over the small little jabs and aggressions Scotty aims at A & S? It seems so uncalled for. Also just his body language and tone when he’s speaking to them seems so disrespectful.

  25. He also had run ins with Mitch and Mark that could (and probably should) have gone much worse if M&M were not quite forgiving.

  26. This has been a perfect storm of terrible casting (they should never have been put on the show without any real experience, plus anyone with an ounce of sense should have been able to spot her diva personality from a mile away...), production just letting the budget spiral (because one team has to be THAT team) and the overall uselessness of A&S.

  27. I feel like they would have specifically chosen her for her diva personality bc they wanted more drama lol, they love filming contestants fighting with each other and having a shit time more than they like filming actual reno work

  28. I get some of that vibe from SJ too since she's been mouthy since the very start...

  29. She’s interested in making an excuse via a one-sided conversation that nobody can respond to, which is fine. But she also isn’t shy about sharing her opinion about everything thing else on The Block, so it might be a little hypocritical.

  30. Shaynna writes as if she’s making excuses for SJ and T with her vague 30% figures, plus it also makes it sound like Shaynna does this kind of thing herself on a regular basis….

  31. Is Shayna really praising some cheap battery powered lights hanging under a bed as if it was a piece of design genius? And doesn't she know Winnie The Pooh was not actually written by Roald Dahl? And don't even get me started on ugly wallpaper on the ceiling.

  32. I agree with some of your points, but having an off grid house in an area which isn't completely isolated is kinda appealing.

  33. Because the whole challenge was to get the most valuable thing for as little money possible, with a budget of $100. It really is pretty obvious.

  34. Every season needs its villains and the show's producers make sure that it always happens. In this case, it was taking a couple of very inexperienced people and throwing them into a situation that even the most competent renovators would struggle with.

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