1. RUN! I didn't take warning signs like this and I ended up being the target of a former principal. It got to the point that I had to have a legal "advocate" come in all meetings from our teacher advocacy group (since we're an at will work state, no unions).

  2. It’s so weird because all her reviews of me and all of our interactions have been positive until this one weird thing.

  3. I had perfect reviews until all of a sudden... I didn't. My school system sided with the principal.

  4. Anyone know how to price old issues? I inherited my grandpas collection, he kept every one he got, with some modern mechanics and a few other magizines. I am lost trying to see if these have any value and if so, what it would be.

  5. It's a tough call. At 4 dollars each and these being in such good condition I snatched every single one. I might have paid a little more, but it's "just an old magazine". I've paid up to $8 for one that I really liked, but I'm not really a "collector".

  6. I think I'm going to try and get some scans better than what my phone can do. I'll post things I find in various subs. I love getting suggestions of subs though because I love finding new places.

  7. First off, WELCOME, friend! Second, great choice of places to take him to. Don't forget the Clairmont Lounge and the Varsity!

  8. I love clermont lounge but not a fan of the varsity. Granted I’ve only been to the varsity once.

  9. Well, in all fairness, it's not what it once was. Even I have have trouble paying $10 for bad chili dogs and onion rings. I think it's a "memories" thing for lots of native Atlantans. It was THE place we stopped at if we were going to any event downtown.

  10. As a teacher in a district that is 1:1, I can say that we are, in fact, NOT preparing them at all. Much of the issue I see is crazy laws that are limiting what access we have to the Internet and the fact that teachers/admin/tech peeps can be held liable if a kid accesses inappropriate material. People with zero background in education are coming at teachers left and right to dictate how things are done. And the kids! Let me tell you about the kids! They are still awesome!! The kids these days are living through some sh*t and they are doing everything they can!

  11. Not me! I just swing from cheap shatbox to cheap shatbox. It's a fun adventure that gives me a hobby!

  12. I had one of the first gen US focus 2 door hatchbacks. I was very surprised at how much we could get in there and how much fun it was to drive! I'd pick that again.

  13. I can't believe people value guns higher than kids.

  14. I love when I get to discover new subs I had no idea were a thing!

  15. That one episode where she got possessed or something really messed me up as a kid!!

  16. It’s hard to find Season 3 available to watch, I think that was season 3. When her “twin” Vanessa came along.

  17. All I remember is it got dark, maybe some eyes lit up. I dunno exactly, but I remember it's one of those moments packed into my life baggage. LOL

  18. Noooooo, not the flames! I read the other posts you had about the paint cracking and such though, so I get it. I think if it were me, I'd let it crack and fade and get all patina-ed with that flame-job. But hey, your ride, your call! 🤙

  19. I don't know what im gonna do yet. I just know that I want it to be blue. I've never painted flames before so I'm scared I'd fuck it up if I tried. I was thinking a dark blue with white stripes. Or just blue all around.

  20. Take it as slow as you want. Don't let anyone rush YOUR project. I take my time as well and do things deliberately. Drives some people crazy.

  21. $18 drink package crew checking in! That was the best glitch I've ever caught!!

  22. Omg this is hilarious. I found this in my local buy/sell Facebook group.

  23. 2008 because it was pre-housing crash in the US. She felt like that was the big turning point for future generations not being able to purchase a home anymore.

  24. You do not need internet. You do not need soda. You can get a cheap hotel the night before. You should never fly frontier no matter where you're going

  25. The ONLY time in my life I thought about leaving a flight at my layover and booking something else was when I was flying Spirit (basically Frontier). I'm not a frequent flyer, but I've flown plenty and I've never been afraid of flying except for that one flight on Spirit.

  26. These are always so fun to read, and sometimes they have fantastic advertisements just right for framing.

  27. I saw 2 amazing diy projects - one for re-silvering your own mirrors (with a dude in a rolled up button down and tie and no PPE) and another suggesting using a shallow iron bowl full of mercury to find abnormal vibrations... Also no safety gear. It is always wild to read these!

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