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  1. Go read the reviews from women they’ve helped, I think they’re doing quite a bit to respect and love women. Again, no one is being forced to go there. Respecting women extends to respecting their ability to choose the care that’s right for them.

  2. Correct - and if all of the options available aren't presented in an objective manner - say interjecting subjective religious beliefs - that is truly an awful thing to engage in with someone that is vulnerable. Some would say disrespectful and full of deceit.

  3. In what world are you living in where people aren’t googling their options before doing anything else. If your argument is that people don’t know what an abortion is or how to get one then you’re giving them less credit than I realized. Artists, celebrities, local organizations and businesses all support abortion programs. They’re not powerless or unable to reach people.

  4. ....and the issue is dodged. Religion , deception and manipulation often share the same space.

  5. Not gonna lie, you guys should keep calling it Burrowhead and just hang the record up to be abrasive. “Burrowhead Stadium, 3-1*”. You know it was effective shit talk because it went straight to their heads. Whether you think the game was won or lost by refs or not, Mahomes and Burrow practically played to a draw last night. You can get under their skin every single game by trashing the name of their stadium. I’m all about this kind of trash talk when it gets players to react like it did last night.

  6. If they want to be a relevant franchise they may want to stop bragging about regular season wins, lol.

  7. Probably too busy drunk driving and crippling children in car crahes.

  8. A full half of the D rotation is new to the team this year and a lot of them are rookies. No true 1 receiver and a 7th round rookie starting at RB. How this team is even here is beyond me. With Mahomes contract done and all of the draft capital, looks like the window may be open a while, lol.

  9. Gotta give the chiefs FO credit for letting Hill walk. Those are the type of contracts that handicap franchises

  10. Solid logic because backups the officials made no impact wrap it up boys gigabrain has spoken

  11. Thanks man, appreciate that. Score wouldn't have mattered - you guys were going to bitch regardless, lol. You still have those regular season wins you all seem so proud of - maybe make banners for those?

  12. The Bengals weren’t playing against a one legged QB. They were playing against the people dressed as zebras with the whistles

  13. So are you angry about the non-stop holding of your O-line? Didn't do much good, lol. Or the constant pushing off of of your receivers? There are always bad calls on both sides of the ball. Your boy had 2 chances to win the game against an all rookie secondary - and couldn't get it done. Again, one-legged QB, three starting WRs out of the game, using a punt returner that had fumbled punts three times this year. And yet you blame the refs.

  14. They caught the punt literally between the hashes. Why are you punting to the middle of the field in that situation anyways though

  15. To a rookie that was only out there because Toney was hurt - he had fumbled three punts this year.

  16. Lol yea, special teams gave up the 50 yard return that put the Chiefs in that position. That L was a full team effort

  17. From a rookie punt returner that was forced into duty because of the Toney injury. The kid had muffed three punts this year. Came through in the clutch.

  18. Except when Reid did it during the season.

  19. Joe Mixon loses that matchup every time. Why? Because he’s always the victim /s

  20. They would unload their gun into you. Seems that any type of non-compliance is a justifiable reason for deadly force. That (brown) kid stole a candy bar - hey stop! Welp, he didn't stop, I guess I have no choice but to kill him.

  21. Unless you have a restrictive time share there, Vegas is pretty much the easiest 'tourist' destination to avoid entirely..

  22. Lol - I have an industry conference there every few years and that is exactly what I've done several times! I usually go a few days early and head up to Zion before having to go to meetings. Haven't been in a few years but I've heard that Zion has become so overrun you have to get a time slot for Angel's Landing? That's crazy. I usually just got up at 4 or so in the morning and parked at the visitors center and head out so I can be at whatever trailhead by first light - not sure if that's still possible? Red Rock Canyon near Vegas has some nice hikes too.

  23. Maybe not that much more on a percentage basis, but a lot more. They had a rough year so they get to charge us more to make up for it. Monopolies are just awesome.

  24. I was reading the other day about the human need for origin stories and to know where we as individuals fit in to them and how that will impact the world when we are gone - the need to be a part of the ongoing story. The essay mentioned this movie and how once part of that equation is gone - no more ongoing story - society collapses because a large part of our purpose is gone. I thought it was at least a little bit comforting as a human being to think that the story moving forward after our time is such an innate driving force of our existence.

  25. I have no knowledge of this police chief other than interviews I've heard the last few days. Either she is a decent human being that is trying to be honest and do the right thing by firing the officers right away or the video is so awful that she can't do the usual stonewalling and "awaiting the results of an investigation" shtick that these clowns usually try to pull. Sadly, it's probably the latter. Police departments in this country have become little militarized feifdoms with no accountability to the people they "serve".

  26. Your home insurance will potentially pay through the liability portion of the policy. They usually will require that you rehome the dog. I have seen one case where the home policy did not pay - the dog was restrained on a lead outside the house and a neighbor kid was messing with it. They determined the homeowner had the dog properly restrained in that instance. Your insurance company may determine that you aren't responsible in this situation as well due to the circumstances. Personally, I'd tell her to go fuck herself and, as others have said, tell her you are filing a police report for trespassing. But if she does pursue legal action turn in a claim and let the insurance company handle it. Crappy situation, sorry.

  27. I am at a weird zen point for this matchup. Which I can’t say for any other game this season.

  28. No doubt - apparently the CCG is the floor for this team with Mahomes. At least we will never be a franchise that counts regular season wins as their biggest accomplishment, lol.

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