1. Florida officials are on a tear to block school programs that they deem too “woke.”

  2. If a new bill passes, Florida will become the 26th state to allow permitless concealed carry, even as the U.S. continues to be plagued by deadly mass shootings.

  3. Trump's obsession with the 2020 election, while deranged, has become oddly dull—increasingly reminiscent of someone talking your ear off for the hundredth time about the night they saw a UFO, writes Alex Shephard.

  4. Investing in mass transit, walkability, biking infrastructure and reducing personal car ownership—along with reductions in battery size—could reduce the amount of lithium needed in more resource-intensive scenarios by 90 percent in 2050.

  5. This week, state governments in Iowa, Missouri, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Virginia will hold hearings on bills covering everything from gender-affirming care to bans on drag performances.

  6. Mike Pompeo has hastily rebranded in the Trump era. His calculus for some time: Stay out of Trump’s firing line and advance up the ranks, and use the cover to push bog-standard Koch Brothers politics.

  7. Given the military’s position as the world’s largest employer and largest institutional emitter of greenhouse gases, a just transition should prioritize helping defense workers, who represent some of the nation’s top engineers, find green jobs as well.

  8. Police officers killed 600 motorists from 2017 through early 2022. That’s two a week. How much of this carnage are we going to endure?

  9. Is the media prepared to grapple with Team DeSantis’s antisemitism—and its anti-Blackness—when there is so little literacy on the Catholic imagination that informs these “hybrid hates” as well as massive machinery that launders them as theology?

  10. After video footage of the attack on Paul Pelosi was released, the right began to seize on minor details, like what he was wearing, overlooking the other graphic details of the attack.

  11. Republicans frequently frame the overdose crisis as a result of immigration and “open borders.” But a recent study undermines this narrative: In reality, overdose deaths have remained steady or actually declined in areas where immigration has increased.

  12. Capitalist innovation has given us smartphones and supermarkets, but it has yet to yield an economy that exists to support human flourishing rather than to gobble up human labor and purchasing power, no matter the social cost, writes Meagan Day.

  13. They call it National School Choice Week. Don't be fooled. The goal is to gut public education, destroy teachers’ unions, and enrich unregulated private education companies.

  14. Michael Tomasky remembers the late Victor Navasky, who died Monday: He was a “brilliant, gentle man who like all of us made his share of mistakes on political questions, but left nothing but sunshine to those with the good fortune to have known him.”

  15. Federal labor law allows employers to pay a lower “tipped” minimum wage of as little as $2.13 per hour. In effect, such employers say to customers: “You like my employees so much? You pay them.”

  16. You’d think people in blue states would tip better than people in red states because they’re wealthier and more liberal. Wrong!

  17. It’s impossible to know if any Supreme Court justices favor the proliferation of sports betting as a policy matter. For former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, however, it’s a legacy-maker of sorts.

  18. Doctor’s note policies betray a fundamental indifference to workers’ health: These requirements just are a means to unlock further productivity.

  19. When Kyrsten Sinema was at Davos high-fiving Joe Manchin over their mutual vow to protect the filibuster, she may have actually given Ruben Gallego a boost.

  20. Workplace policies on doctor’s notes betray a fundamental indifference to health as anything other than a means of unlocking further productivity.

  21. Conservatives are using identity politics in the wake of the California killings to divert attention from a universal fact: All of these tragedies are fueled by the easy access to guns.

  22. To better his chances to win Arizona’s 2024 Senate race, Ruben Gallego has assembled an Avengers-style campaign team, led by several high profile veterans of John Fetterman’s winning campaign in Pennsylvania.

  23. The big question is whether trust fund brats will continue to spend and spend and spend to such a degree that the Federal Reserve will have to keep interest rates high enough to cause a serious recession, Timothy Noah writes.

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