1. I’ve always been curious. There has to be someone out there 3D printing attachments?

  2. I remember during her rise people would criticize her for always wearing a ponytail but continuing to wear it was honestly the smartest branding decision she made whether or not it was intentional.

  3. I think it must be her. I’ve got the box set so might have a rewatch and see if I can see her standing in this position while wearing this outfit (and possibly holding a gun)

  4. I think you’re right. Sawyer is also on the fabric. The eyebrows tell me whoever was drawing this knew they were drawing a woman. She has fine features and yet very non glamorous styling.

  5. I just looked at the sun and I agree with one of the posters that it’s Evangeline Lily from Lost as sawyer is also on the fabric

  6. Are there buttons on the shirt under the jacket or am I mistaken? I ask because it looks left over right which would be a men's shirt vs right over left for a womens. Of course it could be a woman wearing a man's shirt. The brow and eye shape is so distinctive. I am drawing a blank though.

  7. This is mentioned on the sub. Some of the images are reversed so it could also be that.

  8. I think this is the year where Kim is single throughout it. She’s probably going to focus on her kids, her businesses, and finishing her law school endeavors.

  9. Kim has years left of school she’s not finishing anything any time soon unless she quits

  10. Everything you’re mentioning I would place at 2005 and after. The current fixation is on 2000-2004 in my opinion but of course as it always happens, it’s a very loose interpretation and way better than what we actually had at the time. I graduated high school in 2005 and the 5 years previous for kids were all about surfer and snowboarder style. There was a bigger divide between what kids were wearing and what was really in fashion. Kids weren’t trying to look as much like celebs. The silhouettes were low rise flares and baby tees and dresses were drop waist and knee length and everything was bedazzled or embroidered and yes it was really really bad especially for me because I was a punk in high school and I would have to buy flared jeans and sew them into skinny jeans because you couldn’t find skinny jeans anywhere. There wasn’t a ton of stuff to choose from at the mall and thrift shopping wasn’t cool yet. Colour combos and patterns were all really bad too. The gen z style now loves the tackiness of it all which is hilarious because they go to the thrift store and think they’ve scored when I feel so disappointed when that stuff is all that’s there it’s hilarious. But yeah they don’t look anything like the kids from at the time.

  11. whoa there thrifting wasn't cool? Class of 2000 and everyone in school, even the rich kids, thrifted. The low rise flares and baby Ts were the play-it-safe uniform for people without any creativity but my high school clothes from 97-2000 are dope asf. I can still fit into and still own a few punk rock things and crazy dresses. Styling yourself after a celeb was lame unless it was like Gwen Stefani or Shirley Manson.

  12. Unfortunately I went to school in white suburbia. I started thrifting in grade 8 but I didn’t know anyone else at my school who did. My friends from the city did though so it’s possible at that time that I was just too young to have had the same experience/perspective as you.

  13. I need you to compensate me in iTunes and Steam Gift Cards.

  14. She said WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED not I need you to. Everyone has the right to make offers/requests.

  15. That's what I thought, but she seemed really offended. I felt like I'd done something wrong.

  16. There are many different waves of feminism and lesbian feminism and some of them feel a strong need to protect their identity categories.

  17. It’s so weird to me that Jordyn put a few very simple basic trendy and similar dresses for sale and it’s like this big thing. SHEIN has 500 versions of this.

  18. https://open.spotify.com/episode/15JqkbtfwPznrakj3pQtUo?si=mKav-eLCSf2hDtoVUHtB6w

  19. Is it only on Spotify? I only have apple and YouTube music.

  20. Being completely invisible. It can be an advantage. When I want to I can go about my day in peace without interuptions from anybody. And sometimes you just want to slip into the background and be anonymous. But at the same time nobody asks you how you are doing, if you need help or aknowledge that you exist at all. If you have problems you just have to deal with it yourself and get over it. On the plus side you get good at problem solving, but it can be mentally tiring and demotivating at times. A lot of men are completely starved for positive attention. Not just from women, but any kind of positive attention at all. The last time I heard anything positive about my appearance it was from grandma. It was 15+ years ago and I am pretty sure she was drunk.

  21. You’re married and the last person who said something positive about your appearance was your grandma 15 years ago?

  22. Haha YOUR comment made me laugh out loud coz it made me realize how funny the other comment was

  23. Only once when I was like 19 or 20. I took a dude home with me and I remember being in my room with him and when I woke up he was gone and there was a condom in the trash. I definitely intended to have sex with him but I have no idea if I actually passed out or just blacked out. When I woke up I didn’t feel as though I had been assaulted physically OR otherwise, I was honestly mostly concerned about whether or not I might have done something embarrassing…I sort of tried to talk to him over chat sometime in the next few days but at the time I was so insecure I didn’t have the courage to really ask him any real questions. I didn’t actually check to see if there was semen in the condom either. Didn’t mean for this to turn into an SA story because I never personally reacted to it in that way and that’s not how I see it when I look back on it so I never felt traumatized from it or anything (maybe I should I don’t know this was 15 years ago) but I’m sort of realizing that it’s not that crazy for Heather to have woken up and have been more focused on her embarrassment than her victimhood.

  24. I'm assuming this man doesn't wear or regularly carry around mascara to offer to bare-eyelashed people in their time of need, so assume mascara is a code word.

  25. I don’t think Julia thought he was serious, I think she thought he was joking

  26. I saw this tweet once from someone wondering why it was called the real housewives and I realized that barely anybody remembers that the name is a play off of the show called desperate housewives!

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