1. why az with permafrost? wouldnt the larger radius be more useful for maximum area

  2. gonna lead off of what the other guy said, in the case where you have (a+b)2, it would work out to (a+b)(a+b) -> a(a+b)+b(a+b) -> a2 + ab + ab + b2 -> a2 + 2ab + b2

  3. Does it have to be completed in a row, or does it just slowly count up until you get it

  4. you took time out of your day to ungore a tomato and unwhore a monkey

  5. challenge editor, turn the gamemode to half cash, life to 1, and put all the settings to be chimps applicable, and disable far (could also disable all cash generating tower paths)

  6. the hardest part about this is actually that you have to ban plord

  7. Kind of, just had a match were both me and my opponent placed him on water, just wanted to know if this is intentional

  8. absolute zero ability increases attack speed of all ice monkeys while active

  9. ok chill out dude im on your side here. i like to use non-farm strats.

  10. the paragon limit got removed but there’s a bug that still prevents placing more than 3 paragons, should get fixed soon

  11. tower xp is gained depending on amount of money spent on the tower in that match compared to other towers

  12. Is 63 the one in btd5 that has like 200 fucking ceramic balloons?

  13. in btd6 it’s the same but i think it’s just 3 waves of 40 ceramics and the 3rd is slightly more

  14. BMA turns ZOMG and down into red bloons. HP increases significantly in freeplay rounds so their HP just automatically adds to BMA’s damage count. Same thing happens with Buccaneer pulls, that’s what makes both of them so good in late game

  15. If you can afford an AoW and 5 poplust that is also solid yeah.

  16. Is the alchemist 204 or the bomb shooter?

  17. Absolutely baffling that this can actually beat 100 lmfao

  18. 🤨Just wait❗️🤔Now they will nerf it, just to make you eat those words🤢. That's how we lost lead popping on tack zone.💔🤬 And don't forget about what they did to the elite Sniper.💔🤬🤬

  19. They just changed mortar to decamo DDT with signal flare- this update.

  20. Watch, I'm calling it now. This subreddit is going to be flooded by "why can't I place more paragons" posts.

  21. Yeah you are not beating tier 5 without paragons lol

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