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  1. The second is super Christmas-y — and I love the contrast of the black boots with the red sweater!

  2. C) is often hugely problematic and can create a rift between the parent and the person they're dating. I've seen it as a third party, and it isn't pretty.

  3. A random non-pornographic picture a in junk drawer or box wouldn’t concern me. We’re all human and sometimes, we forget about these mementos. For example, less than a year ago — five years after the breakup — I found a whole collection of handwritten notes and love letters from my first serious partner. I forgot I had them stored with some of my notebooks in my closet. Maybe I intended to throw them out and never got around to it…

  4. “Let’s hope we’ll still be here then” YIKES. The subtle aggression and manipulation are so cringey…

  5. It’s unattractive and creepy for a guy to ask you to come over on date #1. I had this happen once and got shamed by the guy for not wanting to come over due to worries about safety (🚩 ).

  6. I think this is pretty normal, honestly. I would take a snack with healthy fats and/or protein wherever you go so you don't enter hangry mode.

  7. OK... but why have you been texting every single day for three months and yet you're still not "dating." I'm confused... people can virtually/long-distance date. The fact that you tried to clarify and he gave a super vague answer suggests he's ambivalent. If someone doesn't "know what [they] mean" then I would take their word for it. Either keep probing and try to figure out where you stand, or perhaps try to see other people.

  8. No, not at all. As long as your emergency fund can last 4-6 months, which should cover all food/rent/utilities/other necessary expenses, you should be fine. (Personally, I like to have at least 6 months’ worth of finances set aside to compensate for inflation and my highly competitive field.)

  9. I wouldn’t say “most 8s.” I wouldn’t say “most” for any of the types in regards to any assessment, since sweeping generalizations are just going to attract 🔥 and usually untrue.

  10. Totally inappropriate and rude to say “fuck off” to someone after a first date, even if she isn’t interested anymore. Secondly, trying to manipulate you with sex is a huge red flag. She sounds trashy, and that’s not a word I use often. I’m sorry, but you can do better!

  11. That's awful and so classless on his part. I'm sorry you had to deal with his idiotic ass. If you met him on an app(s), report him immediately.

  12. Can you go more into the Chiron-moon conjunction? My daughter has moon in the 9H but Chiron in 8H, both in Aries and tightly conjunct.

  13. I have the conjunction and it's hard. I've been painfully sensitive since childhood, even before I dealt with the family trauma that came later in life. Chiron on the Moon can make you extremely empathetic and able to sense other people's pain.

  14. my goodness you are absolutely spot on with this moon-chiron conjunction. i have it in 3rd house capricon

  15. Thanks. I’m considering writing a mini-astrological guide just about the Moon and Chiron and what to do about it, and then move on to the Sun and Chiron if people receive it well. I feel like the luminaries and Ascendant in aspect are going to have the most dramatic effect, out of all the personal planets and points.

  16. Wow I never thought I'd encounter a woman who gets it but Jesus you deserve an upvote especially for the two last paragraphs. THIS IS IT!

  17. It's pretty unattractive for someone to admit on your first date that they're seeing other people, especially if they go out of their way to say "a lot" of people.

  18. Bumble is legitimately the worst dating app I have used simply for user experience and the exclusion of gender fluid, trans, and gender non-binary people.

  19. Honestly thank you, I just replied to someone stating something similar to this. I've had an ex get really mad at me before because a random guy either gave me his number or came to talk to me, or whatever, and I did nothing but just exist and an ex got so mad and jealous and it made me feel like shit, and that is a major reason why I wouldn't bring this up with my current bf, because it isn't his fault and I don't want to put him in that position because I have been in it, and it really hurts.

  20. Right… it’s not his fault that women are doing it, but he has control over treating it like something you personally find amusing. If he sees someone gave him his number, he can inwardly feel pleased. He doesn’t have to get you in on the “fun.” To me, it would be less about other women looking and feeling insecure and more about being annoyed by him acting like an egotistical ass. But my preference in a relationship is someone who is more down to earth and relaxed, even if they’re attractive and likable. That’s how I personally am as well.

  21. COVID isn’t really a fomite (transmitted via touch) virus. It’s been predominantly airborne from day one, so it’s impossible for the virus to “jump” off surfaces, which you might be thinking? And I have never heard of anyone contracting it via the food itself — it’s not like the stomach flu.

  22. OLD is something of a joke, these days. I remember a while back, it was marginally better. Now, it’s pretty awful. The men are either decent looking but narcissistic and uninterested in genuinely connecting, or totally unkempt and/or have zero capacity for conversation and flirting.

  23. I had an excellent experience with this reader. They were accurate and insightful about both my romantic situation, but also me as a person. I loved how Oracle cards were woven into the tarot cards. Their writing style is vibrant, intelligent, and warm while also remaining very truthful. My reading affirmed a tough choice I had to make and made it easier to move forward. Thank you.

  24. Yeah, seriously. I see fucking nobody on Ezra’s side. Everyone is gunning for Ezra to get fired/arrested/what have you. It’s over for them once authorities catch up.

  25. I agree. There’s been a ton of backlash about Ezra, I would say even more so than Will, and it’s been going on for much longer.

  26. Talk to your current managers about the offer and that you are seriously considering it. They may come back with a counter-offer to stay at your current company. I see the issue with moving jobs after 7 months and it won't look great on your resume. If you like your current role, give them a chance at matching the offer.

  27. Agreed. Looking for that counter offer is a better choice. OP seems to be performing excellently and I assume they’re well-liked by most of their team, so it could be worth bringing up.

  28. I would never recommend a chiropractor for gut health issues. I've seen way too many stories about people getting brutally injured by chiropractors to ever consider going for anything. Yes... fiber. In a healthy dose.

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