Post Game Thread: Cincinnati Bengals (10-7) at Kansas City Chiefs (12-5)

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  1. haha I'm not OP but I think they were talking about Goya Adobo seasoning

  2. Making sure that your logistics vehicles have tires that won’t shred themselves apart after fifty miles of road use is pretty important, too, and yet here we are. Having an effective Air Force is also important, but the Russian Air Force has been pretty reluctant to rule the skies, too.

  3. So how many push-ups and pull-ups did you do, bro?

  4. pushup numbers were weak but I'm ok with sharing three sets of 10 wide grip pull ups

  5. Just a scrub who follows along here so I can help you guys better at my facility. I scrub ortho. All the docs I work with go with clinda as their second line.

  6. Hmm, I've been to Jersey and unless things have gotten much better I think I would pass going there again.

  7. I responded further up the thread, but again, you'd be surprised

  8. So, I should move to New Jersey then because of the high state population density?

  9. The funny thing about NJ is that it has a little bit of everything.

  10. A genuine 5th grader with a good educational background might be able to come to more rational and sane conclusions than this disgrace of a justice.

  11. Worse, humans from the kind of privileged background that they can even consider going into the medical field. Most medical doctors are completely clueless about how the majority of this country is forced to live, and it shows in their casual disregard for us.

  12. As someone in medical school right now, you're really not as correct as you think.

  13. Would you mind sending me the original 5th edition as well? Would really appreciate.

  14. Could I also bother you for a copy please? Would really appreciate!

  15. This was just hating on ortho disguised as a meme

  16. Medical student here - still can't believe this lady was alive

  17. the amount of badass and memorable quotes we've gotten in the last week is fantastic - it's a shame it's all due to war

  18. The House passed this Bill with bipartisan support (only 92 voted against), and the same Bill in the Senate already has at least 62 pledged votes. Great news for the USPS!

  19. I wanted the Bills or the Bengals. Anyone but the Chiefs.

  20. I was reaaaaally hoping for a Bills - Cincy AFC championship game ... maybe next year :)

  21. Thanks for the insight, Romo, I bet next time Mahomes will choose not to get sacked.

  22. No cause my issue is how tf does it go?? Cause im studying and getting my good grades but like I still dont KNOW anything until I look over it prior do you get me?

  23. Remind me again what happens if they tie? I know Steelers are gone, but what about these guys?

  24. At least I know my team is bad, don’t have to pretend otherwise lmao

  25. Lmao your team is trash the only reason you got off with that was a delay of game AND a fumble, neither of which were called

  26. I have no dog in this fight but god damn I am sick of refs interfering with games man

  27. Man got away with the most blatant hold I’ve ever seen cause the refs are blind - don’t celebrate too hard

  28. What the FUCK is this coin you all keep talking abiut

  29. 1.5 games back in the division after this inevitable loss isn’t competitive? Check your flair buddy

  30. Hahaha oh no trust me the Jets suck and I’m aware of it my guy

  31. Connor sweeps every round in <30 seconds. Regular people getting hit by an MMA fighter is just instant KO, literally anywhere on their body. Being that these guys aren't athletic or experienced, they would be hopeless.

  32. It was October 16, 2015. I was working from home that day when I saw a call from him at around 9:15am. I had to ignore the call because I was in an online meeting.

  33. Shared a similar comment above but I don't know if anything can prepare you for losing a best friend.

  34. You as well man. I hope with time it'll get easier, but it seems like it'll always be there - I'm sure you can attest.

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