1. Care Of Cell 44 by The Zombies - it's like a Penny Lane/Beach Boys hybrid

  2. Run Of The Mill off of ATMP is allegedly George having a dig at Paul

  3. The debut album Please Please Me is a great starting point. It's barely half an hour long and is a great mix of catchy beat music, Rock n Roll, RnB, and pop with all four Beatles having stand out moments

  4. Considering both Hulk and K-Mag were able to return, I don't think we can completely close the door on Danny just yet

  5. You know Nico and KMag are not as picky about teams as DR.

  6. That's true - depends on how much he'd want to get back in ANY seat. He'd maybe feel less pressure like Bottas at Alfa Romeo, but he likely still has that hunger to be competing at the front of the field

  7. The whine of anticipation while Danny is getting the picture to load

  8. It might be tricky to get a true sense of the highest notes sang because of the use of the vari-speed vocals on tracks like Lucy In The Sky.

  9. Looks like Peter Brown? Magic Alex in the back and possibly Derek Taylor in The bottom right corner. Not sure who the other two are

  10. Watched a bit of this last night. Was an interesting watch, but I don't know if they had legal issues with some of the music used. There's a moment where we hear a very brief snippet of You Know My Name (Look Up The Number), which Brian Jones played sax on. But when Paul starts specifically talking about Jones' saxophone playing on the track, it changes to some music library song of something generic in the style of the Rolling Stones - found that a bit distracting

  11. Used to be how we trimmed fingernails. Could do the whole family at once, as long as someone was available to turn the crank.

  12. But that person then couldn't get the nails cut on the hand turning the crank. People don't realise how easy they have it these days

  13. If you like your podcasts, Nothing Is Real's recent episode about SASTR is a really good listen

  14. George: Share the tabs or else Paul will play the guitar parts himself again

  15. “You” by George. Catchy as heck, great riff, sounds like vintage Motown.

  16. Extra Texture gets slated, but I think there's a lot to enjoy - especially You

  17. The "Nothing is Real" podcsast just did a two-parter about Stu that was very interesting. Check it out. (Also, you should be listening to "Nothing Is Real" anyway- it's a very informative and entertaining podcast.)

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