1. Nvm can’t be bothered doing dms and stuff TGZATRKN good luck all

  2. I think it may be “Voices After Midnight” by Richard Peck.

  3. I have a beautiful bully breed that I am fostering through Hamburg mutts, lemme know if you're interested and we can set a meet up, she's skiddish at first but very friendly and loving once she knows you're not a threat

  4. Hi! I’ve heard great things about that organization! What’s their name? I’d love to check her out

  5. It’s actually not the scam. I’m President of it on Edinboro’s campus. It’s super easy to get initiated and then it’s basically a resume booster. Will take you one night a week during one semester at the bare maximum

  6. Dandruff is a bacterial imbalance on the scalp, formerly believed to be a fungus infection on the scalp. It causes a buildup of sebum and it’s yellow and smelly. Most medicated shampoo has zinc in it that kills off bacteria and fungus - and dries your hair/scalp out. The extra scrubbing you do when you shampoo will get more flakes off in general and can lead to a false belief that the shampoo is working. Try scrubbing more when you cowash.

  7. Are you sure you have dandruff and not a dry scalp? Dandruff is waxy and yellowish and has an odor, often more chunky. Dry scalp is light and white and flakey. If it’s dry scalp the dandruff shampoo will make it worse.

  8. Interesting... the flakes tend to be white and flakey. Though since using that shampoo it has helped make those flakes go away, but if it’s just a dry scalp, co-washing would help too and probably be less of a danger. Thank you, that’s really insightful! I’m definitely going to look into that more.

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