What if "Did Not Vote" were a political candidate during the 2020 presidential election?

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. And Americans will do anything to hold onto their antiquated system while the rest of the world has moved on to something better.

  2. Cool fact: as opposed to Imperial measures, US Customary is principally base-2; this makes it (in many ways) as easy to use as metric. More importantly, in the 18th c. it was much easier to divide-by-2 than by 10. The US foot was supposed to be exactly 30cm, but the French had their reign-of-terror and the US proceeded with a shit version of the meter.

  3. We drove across Italy — from Florence to Cinqueterre — and stopped in Pisa. Every building and every wall on that plaza is crazy tilted & offkilter. The whole place was terrible for building. The tower is just the tiltyest of the lot.

  4. "There was a point in your life where your parents set you down and never picked you up again."

  5. Riiiiiiiiight. I first heard this in ~2017 when my kiddos were 5/7. I can (now) squat 300+, and deadlift ~400. I can row ~200. I can pick up the whole fam, now, including the wife, in one go.

  6. True but vote anyways. And keep supporting candidates that believe in Ranked Choice.

  7. Random. Pick the winner randomly frok the set of candidates, proportional to the votes received: impossible to gerrymander, guaranteed fair representation.

  8. I remember a time when I could be proud to be a born and bred Texan. We helped put humans on the moon, we had Ann Richards, Barbara Jordan and Sissy Farenthold. We had the best barbecue (still do, tbh). We had Willie and we had the Austin alt scene. Now, I'm just angry all the time that the Republicans have turned this once interesting and diverse place into a Taliban stronghold and I am embarrassed by the stupidity and ignorance they spew without one iota of shame.

  9. Y U S S! The QOP is relying on public apathy. That means elections have room for a lot of volatility — maybe that can swing us back towards sanity.

  10. Really...huh. Interesting. The more you know. shooting star

  11. Icarus_skies is wrong; English is how it is spoken, regardless of prescriptivists. The only time you need to question your grammar is if someone is misunderstanding you.

  12. I totes forgot about this. Yeah ... tilting at windmills can get saucy, here, on Reddit.

  13. I hope people will have enough common sense to be aware of this threat and be armed with tasers, pepper spray, and handguns if needed.

  14. There were only a few weapons Texas voluntarily banned; two of them are: brass knuckles & drop-knives. Modern brass knuckles take about 10 minutes to learn to use and are Mother Nature's Great Equalizers; they don't have to be metal, so feel free to take them anywhere. Anyone armed with high-quality pepper spray, knuckles, and a pair of good sneakers is as armed as a human can be.

  15. One node strictly dominates another if the dominating node is not the same as the dominated node. (Analogous to 'strict super/subset', which has the same stipulation.)

  16. This took me a surprisingly long time to grok: idom isn't particularly useful in passes bc every block is its own idom. It is the sdom you want!

  17. No, an immediate dominator is a strict dominator. It's the parent in the dominator tree.

  18. It seems weird we're putting together an Underground Railroad out of the Neosouth in 2022. I wonder of the antiwomen crowd grok that irony.

  19. Install the app, add ABIA, and you'll start to get a flood of sign up times. Pick the one you want. The agent I had was nice, courteous; the whole process took 10m. I had the GE card a few days later.

  20. Did anyone have any trouble actually clicking a time slot? My cursor turns into a not allowed circle symbol when hovering over any time slots that have been popping up? I clicked on Eagle Pass for practice where there are plenty of slots and can’t click on any times?

  21. On the GE we site? The app just tells you the times. "Good times" (not 800am or 600pm) disappear in seconds.

  22. Dude! I thought it was just MY kids who hit that phase at 6. Both boys. Good to know that’s a milestone I guess Hahaha!

  23. I'm fondly recalling 6 year olds as my girls crash into puberty. 11 & 13. O. M. G.

  24. You're getting downvoted because "abolish the EC" is so fucking difficult. I'd rather focus on smaller-scale changes that can be attained at the state or Congressional level because I don't know if/when we'll see another Constitutional amendment in our lifetime(s). Here's a few alternatives that can be reasonably attained within the next decade:

  25. Uniform vote weighted random selection. There's a tweak to this to give the incumbent a second chance to win, but it just modidies the weighting of the incumbents votes (1+1/K for K people running). I'd also require top-two from each party on the ballot, and top-four amongst all most vote getters in the primary.

  26. Can I see said research, sounds interesting

  27. https://www.votingmatters.org.uk/ISSUE26/I26P3.pdf

  28. Common core math is actually ass. It’s pretty confusing for kids.

  29. Both my kids were taught common core; I glossed the common core standard from the Fed. I thought they both did well with it; CC has a great emphasis on numeracy and mastery.

  30. Now that you mention it, what would you expect to see in a quantum-accurate model?

  31. You’re model is atoms!? So… that 3nm stuff is marketing BS. Real transistors are probably 100x larger in each dimension? There’s a photo in this same thread of an actual transistor & you will notice a distinct lack of “atoms”.

  32. It is a coordinated attack against Democracy called “Project Red Map”: the intention is to remove all volatility from the political process & capture elections in the primaries. (This is how the old party machines used to work.)

  33. One thing I've started to notice as I get older (I mean relatively speaking, I'm only 25) is that if I exercise regularly I really do feel the difference during and after the workout if I'm eating well or not, so it's definitely building a positive feedback loop anyways.

  34. At 43, 10x this. My diet is, frankly, ineffective without a regular walking regime.

  35. I have the EGO one, got it at home depot, we have a ravine in the back so hills on the sides. It does well on them.

  36. I have the EGO mower; I got the power-head base with the trimmer & edger attachments. The edger is ... holy moly ... amazing. I also have the 14" chainsaw. The only thing is the batteries only last about 2 years and are expensive. I just tried out a knock off from Amazon; went ok, but we'll see over time.

  37. I'll just vote harder. That'll show em.

  38. Don't give up. The situation was literally worse in the 60s. I'll paraphrase Churchill: never doubt that having exhausted all other avenues, Americans will eventually do the right thing.

  39. It's been, like, 7 hours; how's your plan going?

  40. Although I do not share the same beliefs, my brother is extremely religious. So I can understand the viewpoint of what motivates some people who are very religious.

  41. The pro-life movement has its roots in the mid-19th c. as an anti-suffrage (women's rights) movement designed to villainize women and keep them from voting. The movement pretty much died off until 1979 (6 years after RvW) when it was resurrected in order to get Reagan elected and prevent Carter from expanding the civil rights laws, i.e., it was to keep black & hispanic people from voting.

  42. This is an incredible talking point and I'm not sure I've ever considered that possibility before. Thank you.

  43. Of the conservative SCOTI, I think only Roberts would've been acceptable as a "landed, white male" to the authors of the Constitution.

  44. Oh, they don't all become shooters. Many just sit at home, angry and afraid, and when a shooting happens they say "I would never do anything like that, but you have to understand..."

  45. I'm in one of the crazy-red parts of Texas; the conversations I always dread begin with "... you know how it is ..."

  46. And his best buddy: Lieutenant Dan.

  47. The metre was defined using 16 metre sticks maintained by the Académie des Sciences. That stick was derived from one-ten millionth of the distance of the meridian through Paris from the North Pole to the Equator.

  48. Also, the Academy's farting around (trying not to get beheaded) is why the US standard foot is 30.48cm instead of being defined to be 30cm. The idea (and this is in, like, 1792) was that the French would get their shit together and define the metric system; and, the US would redefine the traditional system. The traditional system was reconfigured to be entirely base-2 (because it is easy to divide a stick in two, but really hard to divide it in 10). Then, the "foot" would be 30cm, the teaspoon would be precisely 5ml, etc. Thus, everyone would have the best of all worlds:

  49. I'm a life-long Democrat at this point, but I'll believe a blue wave when I see it. There was no one at the polls last week. It was pathetic.

  50. The problem is that the Dems don't actually control the Senate — Manchin & his cronies simply don't want to fix the system. Because of the strong R lean of the Senate, Republican control of the Federal Govt is merely a waiting game; D control of the Federal Govt is, essentially, impossible.

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