1. Billi Bhatti is such a sack of shit lol. SRS couldn't have said "do it" more times and the dude who talks so much shit on the internet backed down. Racist fucking loser.

  2. Ok bro. They have been in a downward spiral since around BLM and the first coup,e months of covid, not because of it. But read my comments again. I DID NOT TAKE A SIDE. I didn’t even mention any incidents by name. My point is businesses are going to make mistakes and it’s going to be hard for any business to survive but you can’t be making self inflected wounds.

  3. You don't need to map out exactly what you were saying for people to acknowledge your meaning and intent. It's pretty obvious that by correlating the Schmoedown's closure and covid as anyway related to or impacted by BLM, you're making your stance fairly apparent. BLM had a literal nothing to do with it, the PANDEMIC literally shut down operations. Get real pls.

  4. Yo fam. There was literally no other entertainment the first year of Covid. They should have capitalized on that. People were starving for content. Also you asked why it failed. I gave you my opinion and because it didn’t fit your narrative you try to invalidate it. Same thing harrloft does. But okay fam. Let me clear it up for you. I actually think harloft handled the rmb thing well. I actually agree with how he handle it. But wouldn’t be nice if rb3 and others didn’t jump on rmb? Or even better rmb didn’t pick up the phone that day? Wouldn’t have been cool if the digital era didn’t happen and instead the tested people and kept the competitors 6 or even 10 feet apart like on local news? How was mission impossible shot? That would have kept the fans going. Not the patreon, but a least the views and interest would be there.

  5. If you didn't listen to Harloff's explanation regarding Covid and how folks fell off due to the digital era matches, or simply don't understand the explanation, that's on you. But absolutely nothing correlates between Schmoedown's failure and BLM, you're just trying to vilify BLM and it's pretty transparent. Take care.

  6. Don't focus on impressing anybody because I guarantee you, you won't be impressive for a while. Focus on listening and learning.

  7. Most heinous thing? Psychological emotional relationship abuse and grooming a 12 year old is pretty fucking bad.

  8. He didn't groom anybody. While they did meet when Chris was in his mid-20s and the accuser was 12, the accuser himself says that "until a year ago, our dynamic was strictly fan/artist". This was a relatively recent development, and the accuser went out of their way to make that much clear. Conley was still acting like an absolute abusive asshole, but pretending that the accusation against him was grooming a 12-year-old just isn't accurate.

  9. lol what a gif to use for a question like this

  10. I'd say Shane probably truly hated him most due to their long personal relationship and emotions are always heightened when love is involved. The Governor hated him for more circumstantial reasons in that he wanted to be top dog of any group he encountered, and also seems to have hated others in Rick's group just as much (Michonne for example). I don't even believe Negan ever truly hated Rick & he clearly even grew to respect him by the end of their relationship. Rick likely hated Negan most, but I don't know if that feeling was mutual.

  11. Gangster. Love the freak of nature for that specific movie given its tone, but gangster works better in just about every other aspect. And one can justify the glass bottle thing from the Arkham games all they want but it just looks stupid and its explanation doesn't help it any.

  12. I imagine side characters like Butters aren't the point of this thread, so with that I say...

  13. I mean Smallville got a season 11 comic. Why can't Gotham get a continuation?

  14. Because it got a natural ending and not every story needs to continue past its logical ending point.

  15. You can say the same about Smallville but it's season 11 comics were Highly praised.

  16. I get that they both starred younger versions of iconic characters, but Gotham/Smallville is far from a 1:1 comparison. What's true of one show isn't necessarily true of the other. I'm sure a competent writer could come up with more interesting stories if hired to, but it doesn't NEED to happen and sometimes it's okay to just accept the ending as the ending. Gotham accomplished what it set out to do, told the story of a young Bruce Wayne becoming Batman.

  17. As someone who is only lukewarm toward Man of Steel, and who just flat out hates BvS, I think DC's biggest mistake was not sticking to their guns and following the initial vision that began with those two movies.

  18. Now, I say all that was their biggest "mistake" and truly feel that could be true when it comes to THAT version of the DC cinematic universe, but I just want to add that DC getting cold feet ultimately ended up being a very good decision as it has now opened up the doors for movies like The Batman and the Flashpoint movie, and a whole slate of legitimately interesting properties. So while we can debate what their biggest "mistake" was until the end of days, it's all coming up roses considering they're course-correcting and getting back to just releasing consistently good movies and TV again.

  19. I'm not sure ring rust is really a thing. It all comes down to the questions you are asked during the match and it you can recall the info with 15 seconds or not

  20. I dunno, I'd consider it "ring rust" if you're the type of person who has a hard time returning to performing in front of an audience after being away for a while. It could be that pressure to perform that causes one to have trouble recalling information within the 15 seconds. Folks who stick around and do it consistently are bound to be more comfortable than someone who steps away for a few years, as would be the case with really any type of performance.

  21. It's the one thing I'm not really feeling from Titans so far. I love the show and the Schmoedown, and back the whole "storyline" shtick, but I thought that segment seemed a little forced.

  22. Saw this last night and immediately had to watch the episode. A classic.

  23. I haven't gotten a click bait vibe whatsoever, so whatev.

  24. If thats the case them im watching the FCL 10 times more than the mts.

  25. Personally I find the Star Wars matches uninteresting as a viewer. I used to watch them but in the past year I've started skipping most of them.

  26. I mostly agree with this. I still find them entertaining to an extent, but I also don't know what they're talking about the majority of the time. I do enjoy matches where folks can play along without having studied Star Wars front to back.

  27. I still want Game of Thrones Season 2 even though I know it'll probably never happen.

  28. I guess you never liked a show and then it started being not as good as it once was.

  29. Nope. I have. Then when it got to a point where I stopped liking it, I stopped watching it. Again, I didn't whine on the internet about it like an entitled child.

  30. You would have missed some great seasons of Lost if you stopped watching in season 2. Thankfully, they righted the ship. During the not as good times there were a whole bunch of people on message boards talking about how the show dropped off.

  31. Lost is my all-time favorite show so I'll let that slide, but it also wasn't a game show. Yah Schmoedown has some stories but at the end of the day it's a trivia game show that, in my opinion, isn't worth the negativity of complaining. Like even if I started to dislike it, I couldn't fathom taking the time out to actively talk shit about it on the internet but it is Reddit after all.

  32. One of the main characters will die at the end. Obviously it can't be done in the same way as the comics. I've noticed Lauren Cohan when asked never leaves open the possibility for something more for Maggie in TWD world after the series ends. That could be because Maggie is going to die.

  33. It could easily be done the same way as the comics, just won't be as wild as it was when it happened to Rick for obvious reasons.

  34. I hope no one gets that death. So underwhelming. It made sense for Rick in the comic but doesn’t really translate to tv well.

  35. I loved it, personally. The thing with TV deaths is that they always need to be over-glorified when that's really not what death is. Sometimes the way someone goes in real life IS underwhelming (while still devastating for obvious reasons). I enjoyed that the comic gave even its main character a death that could have happened to anyone given the world they lived in and really hope someone gets it in the show.

  36. My point is that instead of "I have" it would be just as easy to say "we have" but he didn't, and that says a lot.

  37. This seems like you getting bent out of shape for a literal no reason. The folks who you're referring to as "we" likely wouldn't bat an eyelash at Kristian saying "I", you're just assuming their offense to shit talk on the internet.

  38. Holy shit, Schmoedown "fans" are getting to "pro wrestling Twitter" level lately with arbitrary complaining. If you don't want to watch it, or don't like the direction, or don't like Harloff... turn it off. It's a trivia show, it truly isn't that serious - especially if the extent of your interaction with it is clicking "play" on a YouTube video. My god.

  39. Weird I don't see TLJ anywhere on here.

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