1. Hutch is it concerning that we can't seem to consistently pull in the little high end talent that Arkansas produces? I would love to have Walker White but this really concerns me for the Archer kid that is supposed to be a big fish.

  2. Outside of Walker what other big fish are you talking about? Pittman has done a good job instate other than this I would say.

  3. I posted about us not being in his top 3 yesterday and my post got deleted

  4. They let you pee on the floor?

  5. I told those girls you’re cocaine dealers, they have bad cocaine addictions

  6. I’ll pm you when I get home, I think I’ve got one in the box

  7. This is the stupidest thing ever. Try doing that with full kit and a rifle. Now try doing it with your casualty having the same load out as you.

  8. The roll is for the gram, the hand over the leg and holding the wrist is the best way to hold them. I’ve done some work with firefighters and they all said you want the persons head to be on the same side as your dominant hand. That way you can operate a radio, firearm, stable yourself, whatever you need to do.

  9. When I’ve trained couples in the past, I’ve always done supersets. Have one person squatting while the other is doing KB swings, push-ups and body weight rows, etc

  10. I’m pretty sure it because they’re completely redoing it. I saw something a few months ago about having 10 baseball fields and a bunch of new amenities.

  11. WTB Kershaw Launch 4, Kershaw Ken Onion Baby Boa

  12. Look into the National Corporate Fitness Institute, I did their cert and it gave me a ton of credibility with corporate clients.

  13. We weren't recruiting him until Enos was hired. Briles was on a different QB.

  14. I think Enos went to see him his first day as OC

  15. Holy shit, I listened to the video while reading the comments. Dude has an AR-47 that he keeps calling an AK and when someone points out what it is, he says anything that shoots 7.62x39 is an AK hahahahaha

  16. I’ve never seen a muzzle device with pic rail on it before

  17. I know of a few that have closed because they didn’t have good trainers. Most people who are going to those types of gyms want actually fighters to train them. I ran a Title Boxing club and we always had way more people at our classes because I explained to our owner that getting cardio box teachers was stupid when I could get 2 guys who eventually fought in the UFC. And they wanted you to try to sign someone before you were on payroll? That’s a huge red flag to me, sounds like they’re getting lots of people to interview, do that and then not bring you on because they already have the client signed up.

  18. If they just give me someone’s info, normally a gift related to training. If that clients signs, they get a percentage off their next package.

  19. Does the cloud defensive have pressure plate activation? The sling I ordered has a QD on each connection point.

  20. The Magpul pros are awesome. I have astigmatism so I run LPVOs or Prisms on my rifles. I’ve got a Sig 1-6 on my 16in right now and really like it. The CD lights have a pressure pad and you can still use the clicky cap on the end. If you go to the gunaccessories for sale sub, you can find great deals on them.

  21. I will wonder over the Gunaccessories for sale sub now!

  22. All good, just don’t put any red parts on it haha. Once everything comes in, find a course with a reputable instructor.

  23. I live in Arkansas and I would like to try your drone. You have my attention and interest lol

  24. The terrain differences in the natural state almost require a drone.

  25. When I go to Army schools I always crush land nav because I trained on one of the hilliest, rockiest courses available - the Lake DeGray land nav course below the dam. I can dead reckon up a fucking cliff if I need to 😂

  26. I’m from the Delta originally, the difference between there and NWA is hilarious

  27. How did you get your charging handle to stay on?

  28. There’s an Allen key that you tighten down on in the middle of the charging handle. You can put loctite on it but I haven’t had to. Funny thing is, charging handle is the only thing on it from this picture haha.

  29. Buy Becoming A Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett

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