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  1. No joke, I’ve seen Leno 3 times; once at El Pollo Loco. He was sitting alone and eating his 3 piece two side chicken meal. One of the most humble, down to earth multi-millionaires that you’ll ever come across.

  2. The man who drew the most important penalty, leading to the most important power play in Kings history.

  3. The main thing I remember about Scuds is him getting boarded in Game 6 of the 2012 SCF led to us scoring 3 goals on the ensuing 5-minute power play and pretty much cementing the Cup win.

  4. I was going to say Luongo but it's finally off the books. Finally.

  5. When he dragged the Coyotes to the conference final it was pretty cool

  6. The most impressive part is; why in the world would you do this with an Iron Pick? I have dug out chunks before but ALWAYS with Efficiency 5 and Haste

  7. Hahah honestly she didnt care for diamond since iron was more common and diamonds were more rare. So she would always tell me to use diamond and she would use iron. And didn’t want us to use our diamonds since we were down to about 6 left. But we just got fortune 3 yesterday so now we are at 40 diamonds

  8. Just the sheer amount of extra time in doing it with iron. I have seen other people use iron tools longer than I would think necessary, and I admire the patience and commitment it requires.

  9. Honestly we were just chatting and mining away. It’s only really terrible if it’s you alone

  10. Y’all act like bitches. Just ask for the sauce??? Have the restaurant reseal the bag???

  11. I always feel for the players that get traded from a team that goes on to win a cup shortly thereafter

  12. All the foods from everywhere have entered the chat

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