1. Vio_ says:

    I've seen so many politicians, activists, capitol/state workers burn out over these exact same issues (and so many more). There's so much and it feels like every year, it's a new thing in the legislature.

  2. This comment really means a lot to me. Thank you. It's hard to unwind and take breaks during session. This weekend I'll spend time with friends and family. And if the weather cooperates I may do some work getting ready for gardening season. 😊

  3. This would've been a great post but you opened with a Bible verse which immediately discredits your argument, period, theres a separation between church and state and that shouldn't need said over and over and over again.

  4. The Bible verse is mostly to illustrate that most of these people don't even hold intellectual integrity on the spiritual beliefs they claim to hold. If they are truly pro-life and truly Christian they have to support these measures. Yet they don't

  5. In addition to the words, how many white supremacists symbols can you spot in their logo?

  6. Vio_ says:

    At this point, I should just have

  7. There doesn't seem to be a bottom for these people. I will never understand the compulsion to cheat - especially when you have the numbers and money to win squarely.

  8. Vio_ says:

    And if there was evidence that the Democrats were doing the same, I'd be pinging aclu_Kansas as well.

  9. As you should. We should have some universal values that supersede party, or ideology. If we continue to erode the process, and the spirit of fair debate and elections in favor of politics-as-win-at-all-cost-sport, things will just get worse

  10. Thanks for letting me know about this. I'd be curious to hear about where all this is happening in Kansas. I'll collect all of that, try to find out who's behind it, and get it to the press and governmental ethics.

  11. I would never! I did offer an amendment to move the vote to November because I thought if this vote was going to happen, it should happen in a general election to make it easier for unaffiliated voters to have a say.

  12. That's likely because the Senate President decided he didn't want to have the hearing, or deal with any threat of this advancing. When he parked the bill in a committee that he chaired, it spelled bad news for legalization.

  13. I am seriously thinking about running for one of those offices that will be created, as an independent, and would be pointing out the Kansas Republicans are running on monopoly in the state in a manner which is restrictive, heavy-handed, out of touch, And only supports big corporations and big government. We're reaching a stage in this country like a company store - corporations own the government. The democrats seem to be of the same mind. I just moved back to Kansas, supposedly a GOP stronghold, am I sales taxes are almost as high as New Jersey or Maryland. Where are you actually get something in return for paying taxes, unlike this state. The Kansas State Legislature has its nose buried so far in the sand it has no understanding of how abnormal the situation in this state really is, and how the taxpayer is getting beaten to death by number one Republicans, and number two Democrats. Thanks for your perspective, It's certainly more moderate than mine is. I'm helping to raise sixth and seventh generations of Kansas in a state that we've loved for a long time, and it's a shame to see this thing go down the toilet stool. Next time the Kansas state legislature meets for group prayer they should shove their heads in a toilet instead, it might bring them back to reality.

  14. If you're seriously considering running, I have people who would love to visit with you. Including me. DM me and I'll send contact info or look me up.

  15. Why do we need medicaid expansion? These bills seem to conflict each other. I'm all for legalization of Marijuana, but not for medicaid expansion, personally, and only because I don't see a need for it.

  16. Well, we have about 70 percent of Kansans indicating they want Medicaid Expansion - why should the legislature stand in the way of that? Or at least, why not put it to a vote? I'm not sure the bills conflict with one another, or I'm not seeing it. They're different, but not in conflict.

  17. Here's what I'm seeing: why should we fund an entity that doesn't even pay for many preventative screenings? I code surgeries in a busy clinic, and medicaid does not pay for screening colonoscopies. Colon cancer is very common- probably one of the most common cancers. Medicaid will only post for diagnostic scopes when there's already a problem. Shouldn't the point of having screenings be to prevent stuff before it gets out of hand? To check it all out on a regular basis so shit doesn't get real?

  18. Ask people how their insurance covers things like colonoscopies. They code them as surgeries, and they fall under the deductible. I've never argued that Medicaid is the end-all be-all, but it's better than avoiding care and ending up in the ER with a serious situation that ends up costing everyone more. We have a habit of denying care because it's not perfect, or doesn't cover everything, even though insurance does the same thing. We can get people into the ecosystem, and then improve the system. And as to funding - it's already funded, whether we benefit from it or not. Your taxes pay for Medicaid, but we're not capturing full advantage of it. That makes zero sense. We'd never deny ourselves highway funds because we can't keep all our highways in tip-top shape all of the time.

  19. This seems like a really odd move to me, but I'm not entirely sure what it means for the bill. Masterson likes him some control, and since he chairs the committee, he'll have outsized influence on the bill's future. The committee is small, and isn't one that's very active - generally dealing with a very specific topic area (state to state agreements). The bill came out of the fed and state committee in the House, and the natural place for it in the Senate would be in the fed and state committee there.

  20. I'm thinking a better way would be to increase sales taxes and decrease income taxes. That way people keep what they earn. In that way state government is funded based on a usage and excise basis. In my way of thinking the most cruel tax is the income tax. It basically punishes you for working. If you cut food taxes then you only have to increase other taxes. If anything all taxes will need to go up for the massive increases in government spending for various social programs like medicaid and education.

  21. There's so much wrong here, I can't even figure out where to start. But we'll start here - in a state like Kansas, Republicans have run the show since inception. Any government growth and tax increases have come under them.

  22. Okay, so here's a question:

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