1. It's getting realllllly disheartening at how quickly companies and more are immediately giving in to the bigots. I'm scared to see what the next 5 years look like.

  2. Isn't Elon Musk a pedophile? I've heard people saying that.

  3. I've also heard people asking questions. I just wish they would give us a definitive answer.

  4. Not an Elon fan, but Killing cows isn’t necessary to fight climate change. Changing their feed cuts down on methane tremendously. Capping abandoned gas wells would probably have a greater impact on the environment.

  5. I'm so disappointed. You should understand what they are trying to do here but you don't.

  6. Because healthcare for trans kids is supported by every major medical body.

  7. yeah, don't forget the KID part. Seen a couple of stories of parents deciding their kid was trans while the kid was 2-3 years old..

  8. i cant understand how people confuse their and they're. it doesnt make sense. im not even native english speaker, what r u doing

  9. He's not a native English speaker either. He's from Iceland. My guess it was a typo and he was using Swype or maybe voice to text.

  10. As the person uses "their" instead of the contraction "they're" in the sentence.

  11. I don't understand how they can still want to support them. Look what republicans are doing to other companies like Disney and bud light and target. Obviously, it could come around.

  12. I think, let's bring back dresses for men. Plus, they'll be more comfortable in summer

  13. This is just getting so dumb. The navy doesn't even sell anything. Why are they so concerned?

  14. Pretty sure keeping your kids from going to school and getting an education is against the law. They should just call social services on these people

  15. It seems like if Jesus had a problem with gay people, he works have talked about us more. Homosexuality was really common in ancient Rome and Greece...

  16. Throw all the parents who circumcised their sons in prison too while they’re at it.

  17. Pretty sure cosmetic surgery like nose jobs are also pretty common for teens? Why is no one trying to ban that?

  18. It would be extremely easy not to cave to empty threats. What are these people gonna do? They're not actually going to quit watching baseball, lmao. Maybe for a couple weeks, maybe for a month at most. But not forever. They have zero willpower.

  19. Both Budweiser and target faced bomb threats. They were also entering target stores and threatening workers and breaking things. I can understand a little bring faced with lots of crazy people.

  20. Elon is just dumb. I really hope something comes along that can replace Twitter soon.

  21. It really cannot be overstated how solely responsible the right is for the "identity politics" and "culture wars" they complain so much about.

  22. I'm glad this is starting to change. It used to feel like whenever people complained about "identity politics", i felt blamed as a gay person. Now, it seems like most people realize that these things are started by republicans.

  23. If i was a doctor or nurse, I'd be looking at leaving some of these states

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