1. Here we go with the canon crap. It’s a show. Leave it alone.

  2. That hopper went through the portal and that’s how he got to russia

  3. honestly i was kinda of bummed this wasn't how hopper survived. i would've loved to see him fight his way through the upside down and then finding a gate only for it to lead him to russia

  4. Wait, what if he started the channel as a means to take over the world and that's why it's called VH1?? 👀

  5. uma thurman behind the scenes of pulp fiction (1994)

  6. vecna randomly showing up in nancy's mind one day with a boombax asking her out on a date as she silently stares, whispering 'what the fuck' like she's never been more confused in her life

  7. Except that VH1 might NEED a human vessel given that he may now physically be a pile of ashes.

  8. yeah that is true, especially if VH1 wasn't counting on steve, robin and nancy doing much damage to his body.

  9. Kate Bush’s album Hounds Of Love is all about a girl who falls into a coma, while she’s in it and when she wakes up. Basically it’s Max’s journey.

  10. i’m familiar with this theory and it'd be so cool to see it unfold, but are the duffer brothers THIS smart tho? 😭

  11. the duffer brothers did say on the stranger things vol 2 unlocked that max's coma is important, that it was not just a cheat to keep max alive, and that it will have a major impact on S5 👀

  12. both were gut-wrenching to watch, by i'd say hodor especially considering the big reveal of why hodor became hodor.

  13. ted would bore vecna to death he wouldn't stand a chance

  14. jason has the most punchable face ever i swear

  15. Stop the Nancy/Steve/Jonathan triangle and give Steve a new love interest that deserves him.

  16. I hate it so much but I still feel like it’s all happening so Steve can have his big hero moment and die in season 5…think about it he tells Nancy about how he always envisioned himself with 6 six kids and driving around the country with Nancy as his wife, he’s literally had 6 kids since season 2 (as being the babysitter of mike, will, Dustin, Lucas, max and eleven) and has been fighting side by side with Nancy all this time too, he’s already “living” that fantasy and he also doesn’t have other familial connections in the show aside from Robin and who now has Vicki (we assume) and Dustin kinda. Idk I want to be wrong and that he makes it and finds his own happiness away from Nancy but I got a bad feeling…

  17. yeah, unfortunately i believe his talk with nancy in episode 8 is definitely foreshadowing his demise in s5. still hopping they'll surprise us instead but with what the duffer brothers have been saying about s5, i fee like a lot of shit is going to go down and steve will most likely sacrifice himself for either nancy, robin or dustin.

  18. No but really… who are they? Idk them

  19. The parents all had much bigger parts in this season but all of it ended up on the cutting floor.

  20. after the theories of karen being alice creel started going viral, i thought that maybe she would have like a big role with her slowly remembering her past with henry/001 and somehow trying to help the kids, then sacrificing herself in the process.. the wasted potential

  21. Super theory. I was thinking the same thing and then I looked at it. I checked out the background of the posters released in May on ST Twitter, and

  22. i would bet more on karen being henry's sister tbh

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