1. I was just contributing to my RRSP over the years and when I went to buy a house I was told about the HBP. This was a long time ago now. I almost have all the money repaid now.

  2. Keep in mind that this number also includes sleep/standby/hibernate time.

  3. That's possible. 10/38, 3/45, 20/28... you cannot tell from that number because it doesn't differentiate between usage and standby,

  4. Yep. Nothing beats the M1 13” MBP battery life. With that you actually could get 2 full working days on a charge.

  5. I'm in the Trafalgar/QEW area with Cogeco through Teksavvy on the 1 Gbps plan, it's decent. I never hit 1 Gbps, it's usually around 400 - 600 Mbps (closest I've gotten on one test was 860 Mbps).

  6. Ditto but with Cogeco direct. $100 for their fibre. Usually sits around 600 mbps.

  7. yeah you have clear banding in the panel and that darker spot almost looks like LED's dying

  8. Look into places like Hamilton, Barrie, Peterborough, Oshawa, Kingston. Plenty of rooms for rent around $500-600 / mo based on what is on Kijiji currently.

  9. Confirmed, you can and it counts.

  10. Sorry just to confirm 3 services being a savings / chequing account, credit card, and line of credit?

  11. Nope, doesn’t seem to matter, I have 2 chequing accounts, 2 savings accounts, 3 direct investment accounts, and a credit card, and I STILL GET MONTHLY FEES.

  12. Roger that. I believe in another reply somewhere here someone confirmed that they no longer waive the fees for 3+ accounts anymore.

  13. I work ER. Every time we have an area closure the Facebook comments are “why won’t they just work more and step up”.

  14. Amen. Shit has been a complete train wreck for way longer than the pandemic. Glad things are coming to a head so they can be (hopefully) properly addressed.

  15. There's absolutely nothing wrong with having a second job, of course, but given the way you worded that: be very, very careful about using downtime at your primary job to work on any other jobs. Doing that is a great way to get yourself fired.

  16. Contract work tbh. Once you start checking out how many 3-6 month contract jobs are out there for tech writers (most you can work part time anyway), you can fill your time and make bank.

  17. What kind of tech writing do you do and how did you get into it? Just curious.

  18. Elden Ring should come with a warning saying: 'WARNING: May retroactively ruin gaming after a playing'

  19. Nate Pearson. Traded him away at his UFA year thinking he was too expensive and would get injured frequent and quickly decline, but he was a perennial cy young candidate for the next 10+ years.

  20. Guess we now know why homelessness in NB's 3 major cities has increased 66% since last year

  21. Not sure why I’m getting downvoted. I live in a new condo building in Burlington and condo fees are well about $1k/mo for the majority of units.

  22. Burlington is divided like a pie, by the 403, 407 and QEW. There are no roads crossing these highways that are friendly to activate transportation, such as walking or cycling. Yet crossing highways is mandatory if you live in Burlington.

  23. It’s useless, basically. Tomo seems to exist to help people that already have cash in hand to build credit rapidly…. Though they can do that with any bank in a similar way so… shrug

  24. Based on user feedback it seems it may not even show on your credit file. Which would completely defeat the purpose.

  25. It’s a scam just look at these reviews from people who have tried it.

  26. I think so actually! Ill DM you the recruiter, shed love to talk to you Im sure.

  27. I lived in Ontario until 2018. The situation in nova scotia was completely different. It's shocking here. Most recent issue was being in a waitlist for 2 years to get a colonoscopy. I eventually got so nervous by my increasing symptoms that I went to Montreal and had it done privately. Thank God i could afford that!

  28. I am also interested - mainly the main sports channels for hockey, baseball, soccer, and football. Any I've seen so far only provide 540 SD @ 30 FPS up to 720P. Would love a reco.

  29. What do you do for a living? Love the office - would probably make it easier to see the TV from the desk !

  30. Thanks - interesting. I'm always curious when seeing people's work spaces what they do for a living and how conducive the space is to that. That 49" UW is a beast.

  31. Hardly anything is selling, so only the best inventory moves. Comparing average sold prices does not account for the change in sales mix.

  32. True, but it’s still got to hurt when you put in that much work just to walk away with a loss. I still hate flippers though.

  33. I dunno what I'm doing to evoke higher batter consumption, but 10% / hr at max brightness just isn't my experience at all. I'm usually running some non-silicon apps like Teams, PPT, Outlook, etc. (outlook and PPT may be silicon-optimized, not sure, but I know teams isn't), and using a combination of Chrome and Firefox depending on what I'm doing, but I usually chew through much more battery on a per-hour basis, at 50% brightness*. Reducing to low-power mode helped some, but not that much. Definitely better than the days of 3/4 hour max charges though especially relative to output.

  34. This is very good to know. She’s gathering all the written evidence she has, in case it comes to this.

  35. I mean, Terraria is just not working properly on Apple Silicon yet. I could test lots of broken apps and say, “There I broke it,” but that’s not really fair. All the games and apps I have running here work great on Apple Silicon either natively or through Rosetta 2, so it’s a more practical example of the multitasking the M1 Max can do.

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