1. i thought kisa’s story would be good. her classmates straight up used psychological warfare-level tactics: ignoring her then laughing when she talked?? bro…

  2. yeah im eager to hear their opinion on her character and backstory

  3. I’m actually doing a project for my adolescent psych class ON fruits basket! It really has a lot of psychological features

  4. oh nice! would love to hear about how it turns out

  5. John Travolta with the exception of the movie Bolt.

  6. Don't go Renegade by punching Khalisah Bint Sinan al-Jilani. Both times.

  7. that's such a scam!! i rmb for my class they just asked us to send a couple photos and blurb about ourselves then they post your pics in like a week's time

  8. I can see why you'd say this for Alex (no i will not justify why i married him), but I like to think of it like he can finally be on his own but still be close enough to care for his grandparents. If it was in the game's mechanics for him to go home every day for a few hours, the farmer would fully support that. If he could bring Dusty then I think there can be an argument made for marrying Alex.

  9. both are good. havent seen much maleshep hate myself but in any case- shouldn't take it too personally since according to their stats most people play maleshep... so maleshep players are in the majority. not that any maleshep hate is ok, both are good.

  10. instead of a typical "mens suit" maybe you could find a womans pantsuit! in general i notice femme style suits have a more fitted top and looser almost flared bottoms (and sometimes the bottoms are also cropped!). you can also do regular pants or a pouffed like pirate style shirt! that's my take for outfit

  11. you're so pretty! it's interesting bc i alway wish i had a more defined jawline and i don't think your bone structure is inherently masculine at all. i love the sunkissed blush look to soften your features !

  12. you're so sweet!! and giant is not the right word at all i think tall women are stunning like gwendoline christie!

  13. it's so funny how much it shatters a person 😀

  14. are you a CS major? CS majors generally do well with employment after college, you could go to tandon and secure a 6-figure job but you'll have to be paying hella student loans back plus interest. it's just undergrad so it's something to keep in mind whether there's a net gain and if it's worth it.

  15. LMAOOO it isnt pls find literally any other starbucks speaking from personal experience, your co-workers will be cool but the hours are shit and the people you deal with are not worth it. ideally, i'd apply to one of those mobile order only stores

  16. take a gallatin arts class or science of happiness

  17. maid sama and fruits basket! mostly maid sama because i know i can pick any episode and watch it while i eat or to get some joy

  18. i never watched the anime but i get what ur saying, second male lead is always appealing to me because usually theyre the ones that stay by the MC's side and supports them. i agree w the other commenter, in manga yamato does gets better with his own character development and treats mei really well. also say i love you has SUCH good female characters i really didnt hate any of them

  19. really because i hate megu-tan so much 😭 i have 0 empathy for her i hate to say

  20. no shade to anyone who goes in undecided but think of it this way- you could've gone into any "prestigious" school as undeclared/undecided but you didn't. you got into a good program at a good school and it's because they have the confidence that in two years time you'll have honed the skills needed to apply to one of the other schools as a junior. it's not an easy thing to do. LS is a great program and just saying you're going to NYU is something to be proud of

  21. I have loads of anime & manga recs in the shoujo/romance area. Send me a DM (Direct Message) & I’ll give you enough recs to last 2 years if you watch consistently like me.

  22. i will! i tend to rewatch my favorites but i'd love to find new ones to love

  23. Examples of some good ones I’ve seen are: Vampire Knight, Blue Spring Ride, Say I Love You, Wolf Girl and Black Prince, Kimi Ni Todoke, Dance With Devils, Diabolik Lovers, Neo Angelique, Ita Kiss, Snow White With The Red Hair, Uta-No Prince Sama, Yona of The Dawn, The Wallflower.

  24. can i ask though like, does it matter what her genitals are? you like her it's not as if you're gonna sleep with her (which btw there would be nothing wrong w that). either way, No it's not gay since jules is a girl and you're a man. it doesn't matter if the person is pre- or post- op but i'm bi so what do i know it's not like i understand genital preference

  25. you have such nice cheekbones! i have a rounder face so i put blush on the outer part of my face to create an illusion of high cheekbones but for you, i'd say putting it more center will bring our your cheeks nicely. i also think cool tones would look nice on you since you appear to have a warm undertone (for example, a blue undertone red lip or some purple-y eyeshadow looks). also you have rlly good skin good for you!

  26. 😍 thank you so much ! I'm blushing ☺ Merci mille fois comme on dit chez moi

  27. Felt this, Heavy. i feel like no one gives PCOS people enough credit. our disorder affects so many physical and emotional aspects of our lives yet any and all "treatments" for it are a bandaid over a gaping wound to put it lightly. medications may work for a while and then stop working, the cysts will basically always live on your ovaries (as evident by many ultrasounds). and any treatment for pcos is basically try everything until something works for you. so many tests, doctors appointments, medical biases, lack of research, lack of empathy. i am tired!!! i am so tired of having pcos!!!! it sounds awful but some days i feel like this is a curse

  28. that is so cool! it really felt like what i imagine talking to momiji is like

  29. always try to use the gender neutral bathroom not just bc of my identity but also bc the womens can be so nasty 😭 also hovering over the seat is not more hygienic!! and terrible for your pelvic floor!!! pls just bring a little can of lysol with you if it bothers you that much. so nasty i cant

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