1. More like Gojo is taking the picture and sending it to Megumi, and Megumi is like 'Alright, I'm done with you all' 😂

  2. i picture him being a dance mom in the back cheering them on and they bullied fushiguro into taking the pic but gojo taking the pic is also *chef's kiss*

  3. Aizawa and sukuna have the same voice actor and I can't stop laughing

  4. omg thank you for noticing that joke gojo and hawks share the same VA as well. imagine the confusion.

  5. So on point. Is it too much to dream of an actual crossover? Hori and Gege are besties anyway, the only obstacle is Jump!

  6. all I want is for bakugo and nobara to go absolutely feral tgt but I guess the combined power would be too much for everyone

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