[Setlist Thread] 2022-12-28 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

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  1. Hu’s House. I switch between them and Ala Shanghai, but Hu’s has been killin’ it consistently

  2. That day was my first phish show. I had an absolute blast and stuck around after the encore to help pick up trash. All my friends went back to party at the tents but I stuck around cleaning up. After a bit we start hearing some noodling and everyone stops cleaning and turns their heads towards the tower. In one motion everyone dropped their trash bags and beelined to the tower. Me and 3 randos arrived first and I lay at the rail surrounding the tower, feet on the rail just laying down staring at the tower.

  3. Nachos Supreme with extra everything, but you put all of the toppings in one tray and chips in the other. Dip to you can’t no more.

  4. I respect everyone’s opinion here but I gotta voice my dissent. Dr Gabel SLAPS!

  5. I miss the days of crowds cheering and making noise for an encore.

  6. It makes me smile that every comment on this thread since Leaves started has been positive

  7. The only option I’ve found to help with this is to set an iOS timer. If you set the “When Timer Ends” to “Stop Playing”, it will do just that. It’ll stop whatever audio is playing when the timer goes off. There’s sadly no way to set a Siri shortcut for this but it’s better than nothing!

  8. Carini. But also llama. And she always roots for me to get tube.

  9. Obviously the Phish video game. There's clues to the goo-ball hunt in level 4 during Providence Bowie ;)

  10. Omg thank you. I never thought to look for clue during that Bowie. I can finally beat Level 4 after all these years!

  11. Thank you for this expression that I will be borrowing forever onward

  12. I love getting downvotes when I post about Macs, I'm guessing usually from either Mac lovers or Mac haters, nothing in between.

  13. Little snitch is awesome, but sadly the OP was asking for iOS specific apps. Wish it wasn’t just on MacOS!

  14. 7-10-16: Timber > Timber (Jerry the Mule) > Timber

  15. I don’t know of any bars that stock it, but I’ve switched to Hop Water and it’s a delicious (and expensive) alternative!

  16. Stringo is an awesome idea! I stickied your post for visibility. Doesn’t look like the

  17. Any chance there’s an updated link for the discord?

  18. There is a blonde ticket scanner at the show on the right side of the line. She currently has FIVE FREE TICKETS to give to anyone that needs a free ticket. Just ask for her or a free ticket and you’ll most likely get in.

  19. I was guessing 745, but that is based on zero evidence whatsoever

  20. Absolutely loved it. Kevin did a wonderful job but Elias stole the show.

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