1. My theory is that Aegon is actually going to be well received by the population of KL. Nevermind if he is the real deal, they will see him as their rightful king and Dany as a potential usurper. And since I expect him to marry Arianne there will be no way to resolve this conflict by marriage. So when Dany eventually attacks, she will be seen as a villain by the population.

  2. This is what a lot of people think, myself included, yet theres also folks who apparently really dislike dany being the "mad queen " and attacking fAegon

  3. There are blopsing corps yes. And sometimes they will try and blops on gate camps.

  4. Clicked the second link to find people in the comments setting a !remindme for 6 years... 6 years ago. Oof.

  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/v5pjcz/spoilers_extended_got_remindmed_from_6_years_ago/

  6. As a Puerto Rican living in the island most people here want statehood. It benefits us more than becoming independent or staying as a colony. You can ask people around and most of them will tell you that they want statehood. Mostly gen z and millennials will be against statehood. Statehood still won with 53 percent so yes it’s a majority.

  7. So, not actually true. The way the first poll they voted for statehood on had a protest as to how it was worded, so there were quite a few people who elected not to vote. Not all of those who abstained are against statehood.

  8. Sansa would've been absolutely heartbroken to find out he was gay

  9. She still could find out. Sansa has to leave the vale at some point after overcoming littlefinger and assuming Loras survives his dragonstone injury, the two could meet in kings landing once fAegon takes over.

  10. What the fuck? There's gotta' be more to this. You don't just up and drop a major facet of your company because of "souring" relations with NVIDIA.

  11. Watch the end of the video. Steve explains that it's a personal decision for the CEO. He wants to not deal with the headache of Nvidia and spend more time outside of work with family.

  12. ASOS prolog. The terror conveyed when the 3rd horn blast happens...

  13. no idea if this is a repost but it was too funny not to hit the crosspost button

  14. Maegor had railings installed inside his secret passage ways lol

  15. Why? because I don't want my logged off caps being randomly moved to highsec.

  16. Just jump out, lol. Does exist any highsec system that has no lowsec in range for any capital?

  17. You're right. I'm just complaining about the inconvenience of having to move it back

  18. When is this single player game going to be released :(

  19. Back when he thought the war of the five kings would all be inside of AGOT lol

  20. Do you really mean apart or rather a part?

  21. We know. This is a sore subject for the subreddit. And you just brought it back up again XD

  22. He's currently writing Vic and Arianne.....Vic is still alive after the battle of Fire it seems. He did mention he's basically done with Tyrion's arc which is caught up in the Meereenes knot at the beginning of TWOW. and if Tyrion's pov is done, it surely means Vic has a bigger role than just dying as most fans assumed he would have died in the Battle of Fire

  23. I watched the video... He didn't really say that he is currently writing Vic and Arianne. He just used those two as an example of characters who were cut in GoT that are still in his books

  24. What exact time does it release

  25. That ccp guy that said the biggest content update ever was coming, left CCP

  26. CCP Paragon is still @ CCP. Get your facts right wally.

  27. This is completely the wrong audience for the survey, you shouldn't have posted it here :/

  28. The press release on WarnerMedia website said this:

  29. Yeah and Bran is watching them cuddle

  30. Been two years since I read F&B... My Memory is foggy on the details. I reckon that'll make the show more interesting rather than me knowing everything and nitpicking.

  31. Same for me. Read it a year ago and I have intentionally not re read it for the show.

  32. “When the Dragonborn ruler loses his throne, and the White tower falls; when the Snow Tower lies sundered, kingless, bleeding—the world-eater wakes, and the wheel turns upon the last Dragonborn.” – The Prophecy of the Dragonborn

  33. “I've never been quite sure what the point of a eunuch is, if truth be told. It seems to me they're only men with the useful bits cut off.” —Olenna Tyrell

  34. Well, good thing they're sample chapters and not the final finished chapters.

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