1. Austin is definitely not less expensive than south Florida.

  2. Amazing! You did a great job, doesn't even look like your first try.

  3. I sent this clip to my friend and she asked for context so I went and found a longer clip… and hearing what he had to say made everything so much worse.

  4. I am 29 and had been through dozens of bad first dates with men after a three-year relationship with male ex. He was great but he was my best friend...probably the stem of our issues. When I started dating again I couldn't figure why not a single man was attractive. I would look for men who were conventionally attractive and ask my friends if someone was attractive. Finally I realized that maybe it's because I don't like men...

  5. I've met quite a few older gay people through my job (I work in senior living and interview residents from time to time). By older, I mean older than boomers typically--the silent generation, 80-95 years old. I'll add that those within that generation who are out just don't talk about it. Like you could talk to them for days and they may never mention it, but they're not in the closet. They didn't grow up with a queer culture around them, so they don't have flags, it's not a common topic of conversation, etc. If you ask if they've ever been married then they might mention it.

  6. Or they might know and think the most “accepting” response is to just not acknowledge it. I remember a post a little while back where someone was complaining about their grandma consistently calling their girlfriend their “friend” even when it’s clear grandma knows they’re together, and like, for a lot of people the most tolerant, accepting approach to take for a long time was to not point out or make a big deal of someone being gay. I had a college friend whose aunt had a “roommate” that was helping her raise her adopted kid, and everyone in the family knew damn well she wasn’t just a roommate and didn’t have any problems with it, but the aunt never came out so they followed her lead in calling her “Kathy’s roommate” and never asked about it. There WAS a point in time when “don’t ask, don’t tell” was considered a progressive and accepting stance to take, even if we’ve moved beyond it now

  7. Yes, that is also part of it. I met a resident who didn't know she could talk about being a lesbian until they asked her if she had ever had "a husband or partner" in the past during the move in process.

  8. Nice choice. I think lesbian artists make up an unusually high percentage of my vinyl collection lol

  9. The description for this playlist is "Sapphic songs that defined your music taste as "yearning" lol

  10. Can't recommend the Fate Bell guided tour enough. Really amazing and the park volunteers and rangers are so passionate about the local ecology and history.

  11. I've never understood this. It didn't feel right going to gay bars before I realized I was lesbian. Even now after I've come out, it still doesn't feel like a space for me. Idk how all these straight women just make themselves at home there.

  12. I feel this!! I’m bisexual yet don’t feel like I shouldn’t be able to go to a gay bar because I’m not gunna fit in (imposter syndrome for want of a better phrase)

  13. Yeah, me and my girlfriend just go to "straight" bars. We live in a major city near the historically gay neighborhood so it hasn't been a problem. I don't really have any gay friends and honestly feel like I am not "gay" enough to go to the local lesbian bar lol.

  14. I moved to Houston when I was 18 to go to UH. It felt really scary moving from a sleepy town to the big city and it was very tempting to fall for the fear mongering. Overall, Houston, even downtown, is safe if you have basic street smarts.

  15. What's your sleeping set up? I have slept in my 2011 sport before when it's too rainy to set up my tent, but I'm only 5'4" and can never seem to get comfortable.

  16. I was surprised by how good Cafe Bustello instant coffee is. Give it a try, very cheap compared to Starbucks

  17. I would think most GYN doctors will try to make it as pain free as possible?

  18. No, it's common practice to not give an anesthetic for colpos, IUD insertions, etc. No reason is given usually other than 'it will just be a pinch' although it never is. Women's pain in healthcare is rarely taken seriously.

  19. I highly recommend Total Women's Care Center in the Tanglewood area. I have PTSD and severe anxiety/panic attacks related to medical care, especially pelvic exams. I had my LEEP done through them and they were so compassionate and actually notified nurses beforehand of my anxiety. They gave me general anesthetic for the LEEP when most places just do a local anesthetic. I am sure they would do a local anesthetic for a colpo.

  20. 100%. I don't feel part of the "community." Maybe it's because I don't have any lesbian friends. My friend group didn't suddenly change after I came out. I feel like I just don't fit in, but I think a lot of that is the Internet culture of the gay community, not necessarily what I'd encounter irl.

  21. I think other people would call me a femme. I don't have a preference... Just into women in general lol. The woman I'm seeing now is sort of on the masc side but doesn't label herself that way.

  22. I pre-ordered the green vinyl from Tower Records. It didn't ship on June 24, and when I asked about it they said the label underestimated demand so it will take another month and a half to ship. That's probably what happened here, they underestimated and didn't press enough in white.

  23. I have noticed something similar. I think it feels more intense for me because, since the general anxiety is lower, when it hits it's like going from 0 to 100. Like in the past I was always at a high level of anxiety that would go up gradually. Now it just is normal then shoots up. Idk if that makes sense.

  24. I had to place separate orders to get the best deal. Didn't seem to work for me when I added everything at once. Picked up:

  25. I got the Courtney B. Split Peas too. I think was the only album of hers I didn’t have on vinyl yet. Usually is around $30, so figured I’d get it now for this sale price. I think only 4 were left in stock at the time I bought mine last night at 2am. :)

  26. Lol, I got the last one. It said one in stock when I checked out.

  27. I think it can be seen as avoiding, but it gave her the bandwidth to tackle her issues and get to the root of the problem. I told my psychiatrist I didn't want to take a sedative when my anxiety got out of control because I wanted to get to the root of the problem. She said if I'm busy putting out fires constantly I can't do the work to prevent the fires in the first place.

  28. Guadalupe NP is another spot to hit up near Carlsbad. I did a west Texas roadtrips last year and tbh I didn't like Marfa. It's a decent place to stop for lunch and coffee but it's $$$. If you're there Monday to Wednesday, almost everything will be closed.

  29. I can second going to fort Davis, the state park is awesome! There is a road there that takes you to the top of the mountain and gives you awesome views.

  30. Oh, yes, can't believe I didn't mention Fort Davis National Historic Site! I learned so much history there.

  31. I am very interested to see what the environmental impact of this would be. If sea levels are going to continue to rise and things are going to get worse, I think a better solution would be something like a long-term plan to get people to move away from these coastal areas if the Ike Dike would only delay the inevitable.

  32. I understand where this sentiment comes from. I work in the marketing department for a company who is doing pride things. On the outside it may seem like a marketing scheme. In-house, it means a lot to some of us. I work in senior living and it shows our residents that all are welcome. One of our communities just participated in a pride parade and the joy you see on the employees' faces in the photos... It's genuine.

  33. Same. I just went to one and she said no to anything more than ibuprofen

  34. It's ridiculous. I went in thinking it wouldn't be that bad. Three months later, I was diagnosed with PTSD and can't put in a tampon or even see an exam table in a medical office without sobbing. I can't even discuss women's health with my friends without becoming emotional.

  35. Checkout lesbrarycard on TikTok. She has a lot of recommendations.

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