1. I forget who but I remember reading in a twitter one time that there’s a 15 year old with a face tattoo of Jmook. I think he was from Canada or something.

  2. like a face tattoo of jmooks face on his face? to look like jmook?

  3. M2k was good at up b on ledge with every character. It was used effectively so he couldn’t B(haha get it) hit

  4. Who’s that one random player that lived in the Midwest that would never go to tournaments. So in order to get good competition besides the 5 gods Armada would fly to where he lives and play him in melee.

  5. Yes this is the one. I remembered I read it somewhere, but couldn’t remember. Shout-out Vaccine.

  6. ppmd winning apex 2015 after not entering a major tournament since evo 2014 was kinda wild

  7. For the 1st Quarter of 2023 Melee, my Top 6 is:

  8. What has amsa done so far in 2023 besides get knocked out early?

  9. Today I ran into someone who kept exiting out whenever I took a stock lead

  10. I wanted to see how many one stock games I could win in a row (I never lost and there were like 20 of them)

  11. All of Junebug's sets were great; his set against aMSa (on the sidestream, btssmash) is def worth a watch.

  12. I’m a fellow 9-5 recent college grad and I thought the bit was kind of funny. No one grows up with the goal of being a salaryman, but they were making fun of those who want to move to Japan to live a “normal” life there. A normal life in Japan is the life of a salaryman. 10+ hour work days.

  13. I forgot about him lol. I can’t think of any other ones though. Like maybe Rocky?

  14. Checked your YT but i wasn't up yet. I'll watch it when it does :)

  15. Thanks for the support. Here’s the link for anyone that wanted to see it

  16. Shorts get more random exposure which can potentially convert someone to melee

  17. I like your style, but have you considered switching to red falco

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