1. gigas. hes an intricate piece of shit but i love him

  2. The real question about Otyugh anatomy is - why are they immune to arrows?

  3. I can't speak for dbfz, never played it, no feelings about it in particular but one thing I have noticed is the DragonBall fandom itself has a shit ton of spergs in it for whatever reason

  4. There's a weakaura called Don't Release that I 100% recommend. My whole guild has it and I often link it in pugs to avoid people rezzing early. It stops the Release Spirit button or whatever from showing up until sated is gone

  5. Wasn’t from releasing early — no one was releasing early yet whole raid was keeping sated even after full wipes.

  6. Ah I see, my bad. Never had that happen to our raids

  7. More than enough for flight points, food and water etc which is all you really need if you were to jump straight into borean tundra for example. You may run into problems when it comes to buying skill levels at the trainer though, they get pretty pricey from lv 70 onwards

  8. Evan's Kebabs goes hard as fuck. I always order from there, but in the few instances where they were closed, I order from Sumac in 5x roads. Sumac is more expensive but definitely higher quality

  9. Keep regularly moisturizing it but don't use too much, and whatever you do, DO NOT pick or peel anything

  10. I personally think the style is pretentious/douchebag-ey but as with all tattoos so long as they're done well and the person who got them is pleased then who am I to criticize

  11. you'd be surprised, I bought a 1990 R31 4 door skyline for $3k around 5 years ago, insurance valued it at $10k+ last year. the prices of older interesting japanese cars is skyrocketing

  12. I have ten ish tattoos including one on the top of my hand and knuckles and calf was WAY worse, I was so surprised. The shading is the worst, you're just going to have to bear with it and take breaks, I think numbing cream would only make it worse

  13. Yess bro copped the VPN shirt, thanks heaps mate. What did you get

  14. Hahah, that's a new one. Strange that you say that while half of your members physically look like a stereotypical sex offender

  15. Is that the same run you were fed gear on back to back weeks with the gm giving up his slot in the group for you to join?

  16. Sorry, was this meant to make me feel bad or something? I don't make the rosters lmao. It was sick when 5 of you rats tried to guilt trip me in whispers though. GL in wrath

  17. Paladin - Kind Wayfarer. Dual wield. There's an ability that damages the enemy and heals your party. Super easy to play. Put the character Durance in your party for extra success.

  18. this sounds right up my alley, I think i'm gonna start with this. thanks a ton

  19. I quite liked this storyline too. I did it quite late into the game and went out of my way to kill that one crazy strong mage (I forget his name, he drops a cloak that only he can wear)

  20. Gonna give them the benefit of the doubt and say they were looking for a fast run and not a carry etc. Not that having high gearscore automatically means you know what your doing, but I'd assume most people floating around 4k gs would have done naxx a bunch

  21. Yeah but what is the point of a fast run when you are requiring people have better gear than it is even possible to get in the instance you are running.

  22. They probably want 25m geared pumpers. I dunno, I just remember pug raids in tbc being a complete mess if you had too many people who were undergeared and inexperienced. Not saying it's justified but I can see where they're coming from

  23. i love YOD's lead-in line "but on a lighter note..."

  24. swap to viper and spam steady when ur oom, make sure your pet is taunting on cooldown too

  25. I can confirm. 100% viper was what i was missing. I went from needing to juice every 2 guys to cleaning out Baleheim without going oom once. Thank you

  26. the general idea (in a raid/dungeon setting) is to never used any major cooldown other than steady shot while in viper, and to not stay in viper until full mana. GL!!

  27. im 90% sure its a just frame, I remember reading it somewhere

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