1. $800 a year ago and I still think it's too much

  2. Same here i'm not dropping more then 800-900 on a card, ever. Unless i'm rich or something

  3. They’re talking about Nsfw art of a children tv show about ponies. For some reason there’s a lot of it

  4. i used to work for a brony, totally don't recommend

  5. Feels like that kinda defeats the purpose lol.

  6. This means op went to jail because he didnt want to shell out a few bucks a month lol

  7. Yea everyone uses soundpad. Lol soundpad is technically my 2nd most played game on steam

  8. You should be running regular vulnerability scans on your network, and fixing as appropriate, but your auditors for 27001 won't accept a pentest run by an internal employee.

  9. lol at having a audit done internally, you might aswell just hand them a sheet that says trust me bro

  10. Right? I don’t care about fake internet points, I have plenty, but the downvotes are just salty folks who think this is my home setup and don’t like when people have expensive things.

  11. For some reason reddit always just rips the OP apart whenever someone posts anything and it's not 100% perfect it's fucking annoying and happens to me whenever i post something. Literally every time there will be at least one comment like "Well yea your post would be nice except for X unimportant thing so you're a fuckin retard". So yea just ignore them

  12. I got my N-Word pass off of E-bay. She probably did too.

  13. In order to get my N-word pass I had to chug Aunt Jamima syrup

  14. "I'm going back to Waterloo where the vampires hangout"

  15. This is one of the few clips where i can watch it a hundred times because every second of it is hilarious

  16. Woman offers head to a horse. Horse accepts.

  17. i was about to say she literally put her head in the absolute worst position possible, she couldn't have done better if she tried.

  18. nonsense, i have this book called the schmungible which shows that he's real.

  19. I got the 7900 XT for $680 yesterday. Recheck their open boxes ever couple hours.

  20. 750 for a 7900xt open box by the microcenter im near

  21. Normally I'd agree, but Jenson Huang left AMD in 93 and co-founded nVidia, he's been their CEO ever since.

  22. Probably a little on some games. From the benchmarks I've seen at 1440 some games I'm losing maybe 2% some maybe 14% compared to a 5800X3D

  23. Yea he shouldn't get kicked for 2 tk's. Admin is an asshole

  24. WE need a major re-haul of the education system. To start smaller student to teacher ratios. Smaller classes are not only easier to manage, but to teach and typically smaller classes perform better. Then the schools need to quit being afraid of parents. I know several teachers (family and friends) and its insane. Cannot fail students, no more detention, suspension is seen as a break by the kid and then parents freak out more because "I'm at work what am i suppose to do with them". Which is part of the core problem. People treating public education as daycare and not a child's education.

  25. I remember being surprised the first time i got suspended. I was like wait, if i fuck up i don't have to come to school anymore? That's awesome. It's honestly a stupid policy.

  26. She's probably gonna take this as a sign from god and sacrifice another goat to Linus Torvalds

  27. Chicago gets the name from the iron worker union. When building the skyscrapers, iron workers would bring steaks with them. While up in the sky they would set it on an iron beam, with them being in direct sunlight the steak would sear on the beam and cook really quick.

  28. Siege has a small map though, games with small maps will always be easier to optimize

  29. Enjoy the random gold, my finger slipped to give award, then slipped again to confirm rather than close the pop up XD

  30. squad lane cultist checking in, go fuck yourself

  31. Quality SATA drives are actually faster in certain scenarios the dramless nvmes, plus they're very cheap as you can get 2tb under $100

  32. NVME's are really hard to deduce which ones don't suck ass. I remember reading about one that had a super small cache and then the moment the cache is used it throttles down to below HDD speed. I think it's Input/Output per second was good though.

  33. Same, except my PC is not that nice and I need to buy and HBA to add more drives lol.

  34. man i have have so many drives i had to upgrade to PCIe 4.0 because i ran out of PCIe lanes. Lol i never thought i'd use up all of my PCIe lanes, i've got like 7 drives.

  35. I’m not even joking bro, it always the intoxicated people who are always on the wheel in every game

  36. theres something special about flying those heli's drunk. After a point though it's impossible

  37. I've only got ground once and it was too stemmy to smoke but i've found it's great to throw into a vaporizer.

  38. Same i just got a quarter of gas cake for only 20$ an eighth. Hard to believe i can get top-shelf weed for less than i'd have to pay for it illegally. Over here in philadelphia 25$ is the going rate for a illegal eighth of weed. Ounces for 170$

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