Deeply distressed elementary school student being transported by bus following school shooting

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The process of taking a painful L


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  1. Track day bro! Yokohamas bro! CONES! Left foot braking! let's kiss HOOSIERS, BRO, GOT SOME HOOSIERS FOR THE TRACK DAY! Nitto! Sumitomo! CONES!

  2. See I’m thinking more of the Mickey Thompson kinda race tyres. But yeah lol.

  3. I always mention this to friends. Many people I know say 'oh it's okay I don't mind dying earlier, exercise is just too much effort'

  4. I often tell people "yikes, working out. I would never!"

  5. What’s the issue though? Why does it matter if China has your data, especially when they can just buy most of the data that they’re collecting from Facebook, Amazon, or some other tech company.

  6. bringing up Amazon, Facebook, Reddit "some other tech company"

  7. This is like when a drunk redneck at the lake cabin last summer was telling me how Andy Beshear is fucking up Kentucky by making all these bad laws.

  8. ... me too. I used to teach marksmanship in the US Marines. I have been unimpressed with the absentmindedness of adults, new to shooting, at the gun range. I wish 'new shooters' were forced to have more oversite by range personnel.

  9. They never got they ass beat by their old man for being stupid with a gun.

  10. Cherry picking, you should have neither and both are directly related to gun availability.

  11. Just tell the kids scared of their school being shot up that the “AR” in AR-15 doesn’t actually mean “Assault Rifle” that’ll make it all better! /s

  12. That’s exactly the problem, no one wants to speak up until after someone finally does. Annoying.

  13. It took me a long time to realize that racism is a spectrum it’s not a all or nothing Boolean variable.

  14. Oh it’s definitely got a place.

  15. The last video I saw of a person twerking in front of kids was black. It’s a trend is all.

  16. Algorithms run what you see these days NOT timelines.

  17. As a scout I have been C4 killed once, and I was picked up, the driller and I both rock and stoned in the drop pod. I never felt any toxicity. But then I tend to choose the more chill servers. I despise servers who demand certain levels or promotions even if I pass their lame requirements.

  18. I only play hazard 5 and I’ve noticed those guys wanna field general and be carried at the same time.

  19. It will stop on its own when the cheap plastic gear is completely worn out.

  20. could just be graphite from a brushed motor.

  21. You are mistaken comrade, there is no graphite on the counter.

  22. You are joking right? Did you buy any battery powered tools 20 years ago? Absolute dogshit, could put in 10 screws with a battery drill back then and you needed to charge it, now they just keep running. They got battery powered impacts that'd give pneumatic a run for their money for torque these days.

  23. the battery impacts beat air in my experience these days.

  24. Don't worry, y'all. Nashville reporting in, and our elected officials have this under control. So far, we have denied trans youth any kind of gender-affirming care, and banned drag shows.

  25. if it helps, false suicide reports get those users a 7 day ban

  26. I've been disconnected from deep dives about a mission in several times now with no way to rejoin. It could just be connection problems.

  27. yeah without a doubt for sure.

  28. I play driller, i much rather have mobility to run and throw a c4 of sticky fuel on a choke point than dig my own grave. As for Bulk spawns, you can learn the spawn pool for the cave, at maximum of 3 special class enemies can spawn per cave so if you’ve seen them all you’re safe from bulks

  29. i dont even see how people are worried about bulks.

  30. I always go "man, nobody knows. but we ALL die alone and we'll ALL find out for ourselves eventually. Why would I waste my time speculating in between now and then? waste of time, waste of anxiety"

  31. I coulda been that dude. I seriously almost ended up being that dude.

  32. The exhaust heat shield rusted through over a bolt that was holding it up. I couldn’t find a washer big enough to cover the rusty hole in the heat shield so I snapped the end off a potato masher and used that.

  33. bruh you left the heat shield on?!

  34. I mean, nobody is running around saying Fatah or Hamas are democratic so it's not really what about. But I'm not taking your attention away from Israel's democracy and saying what about, I'm pointing to their immediate neighbor, a party to the same conflict, and asking why don't you hold them to the same standard.

  35. They’re not the Usurpers in that story.

  36. you can pretty much mix any oil my guy.

  37. All of that stuff happens in the US too. AND we get bankrupted.

  38. yeah lol, I love the idea that free market reduces lead times in healthcare vs nationalized healthcare markets.

  39. you ever notice people that need to cut you down to feel better about themselves are only putting their insecurities on display?

  40. Seems harsh to assume someone is racist just because they're against the slippery slope of the government telling them what they can say.

  41. Get back to us when that slope actually becomes slippery my guy.

  42. Oh, the slippery slope is all too real, just not the way the "status quo" folks think. The danger that unchecked prejudices, offhand comments, etc. metastasize into all-out animosity against marginalized groups - which we've seen play out catastrophically time and again in recent history - that's the slippery slope.

  43. Yeah I though to expressing this sentiment but got up off the toilet and went back to my day.

  44. I agree. Like I said, I myself use airpod like products. These conversations do not touch on my main issue - why remove the headphone jack though? Yes sure, sell all the BT head/earphones you want - why would you remove the headphone jack?

  45. IP ratings because the 3.5mm jack is very old technology with a lot of constraints around it on not only packaging but also securing that jack from water ingress.

  46. none of that is WHY the jack went away but boy are you fired up about it.

  47. I actually did end up going all the way up the wall. Found another crack. Check my write up. It’s great for now but ya I will end up changing everything out eventually

  48. Nothings more permanent than the temporary repair.

  49. It’s wild around here. People haven’t a clue

  50. If it’s any consolation I almost married the same thing. I left her the day before the bridal showe