Are Naomi Discussions Being Censored?

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  1. The hollow is normal all cat claws have a hollow under side. They often get dirt in their but will sit and pick it out when grooming. Looks like some mildly broken/over worn down claws but nothing to be worried about unless there is: bruising, bleeding, pus, swelling or pain and limping. Otherwise no differennt from when we accidentally break a nail. They will groom themselves and new claws will grow out.

  2. good to know - thank you for your response !!

  3. I don't understand why you had to switch foods instead of just feeding her less?

  4. it’s what the vet recommended 🤷‍♀️ she said it’d be easier to keep a well balanced meal and keep it low calorie by switching to kibble

  5. Could you try a different kibble? We've been playing around with my dogs food to try to figure out his allergies and he definitely likes some more than others. Oddly, I think his favourite is the vegan kibble he's on right now. We used to free feed (up to his daily limit) and he would usually not finish everything, but his newest food is fully eaten right away still after a month. Might be worth a shot? I think the most often recommended on the sub are Purina pro, hills science diet and royal canin. Of course, check with your vet first!

  6. i’ve thought about that!! i’ll bring it up with the vet at our appointment, we’re on purina pro plan right now and of course i jumped the gun and bought the biggest bag 🤦‍♀️ but that might definitely be a factor

  7. i did mine a couple months after going way too long without renewing. was in and out in 10 minutes, super easy, just need your old registration!

  8. orange peelers! grew up with a yellow one mysef

  9. this is the first thing to be posted on this sub in like a week that doesn’t make me feel worse about the situation.

  10. not a fan of rapists or his horrendous pattern of behavior but i’m open and receptive to someone learning and changing which we don’t have evidence of so i’m waiting, anticipating, and ready to be disappointed as i generally am in these situations.

  11. TIL people will kick you under the dining table when you say something you shouldn’t have

  12. my boyfriend does this (not kick but he’ll squeeze my arm) while we’re with friends or something just as an “i love you” squeeze i guess??? like he’s not meaning to correct me or tell me i’m going on too much (as i ask every time he does it) but it throws me off every time and i end up going down a rabbit hole of everything i’ve said in the last hour or so trying to figure out if maybe i did something wrong that he’s trying to reference back to. very stressful, still working on getting him to not do that lol

  13. when a friend is in distress, sharing a similar experience, how it affected you and how you coped with it apparently does not count as “comforting”; in fact i’ve been called a bad friend for it more than once? so now when friends are going through things i just tell them i’m sorry and then stay quiet because i still can’t figure out what the correct action would be lol

  14. i’ve had to figure this out too and it was really difficult for my brain to understand. i’ve ultimately just started telling people “i’ve been through something similar, i know how you feel and i’m so sorry you’re experiencing this” and then wait and just be there and maaaaaybe later a good time to relate and share will come up but not always. situations with high emotion are hard to navigate.

  15. I think I understand what you’re trying to do and I’m not 100% sure how to do it but I’ll give it my best shot. I work on business/travel mags and this happens every now and then on accident when a project goes through a few hands. I think if you open your photo in illustrator, copy it (cmd+c), and paste it into your indesign doc it’ll act as an object and not a linked image.

  16. I mean the majority of his content is shining the light on other people and their weird antics/hypocrisies/corruption, and that only works if you have a lot of respect for the interviewer and align morally imo. It’s just not gonna be the same now.

  17. Last I saw it was a bunch of weirdos who like getting pissed on and drunk college dudes yelling tight butthole. It’s Americana, and his behavior/ensuing drama couldn’t be any more American

  18. i mean if you’re most interested in that portion of his content then i can see how the experience wouldn’t be different since these allegations came out. i just mean the political rallies and him kinda poking and pointing out the fallacies in the rights (and occasionally lefts) line of thinking is not going to carry the same sentiment when/if I watch again

  19. why does it matter if someone doesn’t want his merch anymore? i mean you can still wear ur merch if u want to. nobodies stopping you lol

  20. shows a pattern of behavior for being drunk and reckless. i believe this is relevant to the current conversation - thanks for posting fr

  21. do they claim nashville? for some reason i thought they were from mississippi

  22. They’re from Mississippi but have lived in Nashville since very early after the band was formed

  23. yeah…desperate people in search of any scrap of food or shelter…what idiots 🙄

  24. i was just saying this!! i love her so much more in winter house. i think it’s because so far she hasn’t really been defending craig as much as she did in SC. like craig is still being …craig… but she’s a lot more hands off with him in winter house. maybe bc she feels more comfortable in that setting since she was already established before dating craig and in SC she came on as the girlfriend and feels she needs to act as such? idk but i love WH paige

  25. I dont need the link to the lawsuit. I posted it yesterday, 14 hours ago. Did you even read my comment?

  26. looks like ur comment was removed or maybe i’m just dumb and can’t find it lmao

  27. He also called her a lemon that needs to be taken back to the dealership

  28. that’s a terrible thing to say but also just a weird and bizarre thing to say. a lemon taken back to a dealership?? what?? id have a hard time not laughing

  29. A lemon is a common term for a car that someone sells you that doesn't work. (In case you didn't already know!)

  30. ooooh hahahaha ya that adds some much needed context

  31. You can try to call them to verify if it will give you peace of mind. I probably would.

  32. Are you on balance billing? Or just regular billing?

  33. idk who to support but i def would not support frothy monkey

  34. Why not? Genuinely asking, not aware of anything about them other than the fact that I like some of their coffees

  35. This may just be a case of a worker scorned but I worked for them for a few years at multiple locations and it just left a very poor taste in my mouth. The individual shops themselves are full of good, hardworking people in shitty circumstances. Upper management is greedy and doesn’t do a great job of assisting and taking care of the people that work their asses off to keep their stores afloat. I just know too many people that have worked their and gotten burnt to still respect them as a company.

  36. i can’t stand luanne. i just don’t get the hype

  37. nashville, brentwood or williamson county. all would be pure gold

  38. i don’t get how any of this would prove she’s not uneducated? like that was what garcelle called her…she’s really showing her cards here imo

  39. Great job to Hank and y’all!! sounds like he’s got a good team looking out for him :-)

  40. Please update when you do! My gal was a Rhodesian Ridgeback and she looked similar to yours! She had the same coat color but less black on the face, and black skin under her coat.

  41. Just got her results back today! (very fitting considering we decided Little Mamas birthday would be on mother’s day every year). Results are:

  42. i haven’t been formally diagnosed (and probably won’t seek it out since it wouldn’t change too much) but i highly suspect i’m on the spectrum. to me it makes sense, being on the spectrum comes with specific sensitivities and i don’t see why that’d stop at brain/body chemistry.

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