Sis!!! Wtf is this!!!!

*Lowers face into palm*

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  1. i can’t stand luanne. i just don’t get the hype

  2. nashville, brentwood or williamson county. all would be pure gold

  3. i don’t get how any of this would prove she’s not uneducated? like that was what garcelle called her…she’s really showing her cards here imo

  4. I pay 1100 a month for a small 2 bedroom duplex. It’s rare to find a deal like that but it can be done

  5. same. 2 bed 1 bath duplex with a fenced in yard. rare, but they’re out there.

  6. Great job to Hank and y’all!! sounds like he’s got a good team looking out for him :-)

  7. She's beautiful ...she looks like a Shepard they know what she's mixed with...she's beautiful and reminds me of my aunt's dog she had yrs ago that I loved dearly.

  8. Thank you!! She’s a dream girl…The humane society had her listed as a Blackmouth Cur but everyone’s convinced there has to be some Shepherd and Hound in her. hoping to get her a DNA test on her birthday!!

  9. Please update when you do! My gal was a Rhodesian Ridgeback and she looked similar to yours! She had the same coat color but less black on the face, and black skin under her coat.

  10. Just got her results back today! (very fitting considering we decided Little Mamas birthday would be on mother’s day every year). Results are:

  11. i haven’t been formally diagnosed (and probably won’t seek it out since it wouldn’t change too much) but i highly suspect i’m on the spectrum. to me it makes sense, being on the spectrum comes with specific sensitivities and i don’t see why that’d stop at brain/body chemistry.

  12. am i the only one wondering why luann is still in the running??!!

  13. these guys are so fun! i have a few of these and some downey woodpeckers in my area and they’re so fun to watch

  14. the change in confidence from the first picture to the second is incredible!! he’s obviously very comfy and happy with you :-)

  15. by implant do you mean an IUD? i have an IUD and it’s basically gotten rid of my physical symptoms but mental emotional ones are still very present during my luteal phase

  16. hasn’t she said that Harry is the reason it’s so “quaint”? she would change it if she could but he’s the one that uses it the most so she “lets him” keep it

  17. thank u!!! i just started doing them myself a few weeks ago so that means a lot 🥲🥲

  18. ya weaponizing therapy as an insult/dig is a great strategy 👏👏

  19. That sounds like not enough food. You don't want to starve them. Their livers go all weird.

  20. it’s about 2.5oz of wet food and 31 grams of dry. i follow the royal canin feeding chart but will call my vet tomorrow to confirm amounts.

  21. Confirm with this with your vet, but I think you aren’t feeding them enough. A 10lb cat should have about 220 calories a day. You can use this formula to figure out min.calories per day based on your cats’ weights:

  22. it’s half of a 5.5 oz can and 31 grams of dry food (tho we don’t actively weigh it anymore since we’ve gotten good at eyeballing and it looks like it’s about 1/3 c.) but i’ll call my vet and confirm the amount!

  23. idk my dog and i have only had great experiences and several of my friends agree. the staff is nice, management seems organized and genuine. idk what all the hate is abt. this seems like the case of a few employees that got burned and have an agenda but again, idk.

  24. Fyi this sub and reddit in general are very anti-dog park so I'm sure everyone will say not to take her, which is generally good advice.

  25. heard. yeah the more im talking to friends abt it and hearing so many stories of bad experiences at dog parks i’m gonna avoid.

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