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  1. I was just about to post this, ironic too that she posted it the day Kiyas account unfollowed her

  2. I dislike that she erased all her wrinkles for a skincare ad. I know all ads edit their models to have flawless skin but it still irks me. She looks 25 here.

  3. it's fully automated. There's even software that just takes an image and turns it into a flight plan.

  4. Ugh, it’s not available in my country, I’ve tried looking before because other people suggested it. The struggle is real. 🥲

  5. Have you gone to a derm/pharmacy? In many countries tret is by prescription only so you can't buy in online in such places

  6. I don’t see an issue with calling Evan a spoiled brat because Evan is. Annoying and spoilt. I don’t see an issue with saying that because let’s be real, we say it about kids in real life too. This being said, I blame eeka the most. Kids will be kids. Evan is a kid. Eeka isn’t doing much to control Evan. As for talent, well, Evan does deserve to be in an easier class, but in the current one, he lags far behind the rest 🤷‍♀️

  7. I understand that plenty of kids and teenagers are cringy and spoiled in real lives but they don't have their lives plastered on the internet for millions to see and be criticized. They are not subjected to public's opinions and tbh that can be overwhelming for an adult, let alone a kid, who will undoubtedly read all this someday when she becomes a teenager. Because we don't know them personally and aren't actual witnesses, inevitably things can be taken out of context and there will be worse remarks made on Evan

  8. It becomes a borderline thing. I know the rule says No Snarking on the Kids. But maybe thats a bit vague for me. Critiquing evans actions and lack of boundaries imo isn't snarking on her. I wouldn't say Evan has no talent, I'd say Evan has no direction and no guidance. It's like she's being raised by her best friend instead if a parent. The disservice eeka has done for these kids is heartbreaking. I don't think people mean to be mean, I think its poor word choice in expressing frustrations.

  9. Nonetheless I would still urge people to be considerate in their wordings and such because they are discussing a kid here who shouldn't even be shown on the inrernet in the first place. Yes Evan will likely be hurt by the comments about her mother, but that doesn't mean we treat that as a free ticket to not have to watch what we say when criticizing children. The blurring of the kids' faces is to protect their privacy, let's also protect their future's sanity and dignity

  10. Wait that was wild hahahaha He just got cut off to eat, but that was probably for the best

  11. Sorry I didn't get it. What changes at 69%? (I know it's a funny number)

  12. I think that’s the weirdest part of this look is she has like a Barbie box

  13. It's probably a mixture of both. She's a social climber after all. And that would have been fine if she didn't involve the kids and just relied on her dancing talents alone. You can tell that she's building connection with celebrity kids for Evan. In a way that gets both her and Evan in the LA small celebs circle. Though i can only hope the girls stay friends with Evan even when/if she stops being populars

  14. Does it seem like Kim is losing that ridiculously thin vibe? Or have I just gotten used to it to the point it’s normal now

  15. Right, that’s for sure. He is an amazing dancer and he also is being taught to be lovely to other children, which is not what I can say for Evan. Evan seems rude and conceited. I don’t care if the kid is autistic or not. It is no reason to be such an entitled brat. Not Evan’s fault, obviously. Eeka is to blame.

  16. Evan has microcephaly which might affect her behavior and ability to learn and such. It doesn't help that Eeka seems to not interfere much and give her opportunities to grow with peers. oh

  17. She talks shit about social media platforms but is completely ok with posting videos of her child wearing crop tops and short shorts to millions of people on said platforms. Exploiting social media for money and clout then cry about it when things don't go her way. Video was most likely was automatically taken down due to users reports (trolls or otherwise)

  18. It's an alright answer not relatable or whatever but quite honest. Why is her nose so tiny though or am I crazy 😭

  19. I don't think it's a good idea to use the kid's name in a flair tag.

  20. I tried to post but couldn't because of the rule "you may not use the word "it" in the post" ..... can someone help? 😅 Sentences like "it's concerning how..." are not allowed?

  21. Don't tell me Ayame is gonna be a new love interest, with how she's introduced to easily fall for someone

  22. Kim could probably get full custody of the kids if she wants I mean look at all The things kanye has said about the mother of his children online for millions of people to see Kim is better than me I mean what would North think of all this stuff ye has said about her mom and we know that North Saint all love their mom

  23. The kids love their dad too and I can't imagine what North is thinking now watching this mess unfold in real time. Or Kim is probably restricting phone/internet use right now idk

  24. It's ironic and disgusting because the person who constantly points out Evan's diagnosis is Eeka herself. She wouldn't let Evan be a normal dancing child. She always put austistic in her video captions, and the videos are always about Evan's difference from her peers.

  25. Classic Eeka gaslighting her audience to deflect criticism and making herself the victim again. What's worse is using the child's diagnosis to justify exploiting her child's image for tiktok views. This is how you know she will never change. She deletes legit criticism and calls out the bad ones, painting the picture that the only people who disagree with her are bigots and haters. All the while continuing to post revealing images of her children online for money. She knows what you're trying to tell her. She just doesn't care.

  26. At this point it's hard to believe anything out of Eeka's mouth. She'll fabricate any narrative that gets her views and attention.

  27. Doing everything on her end to give the child an education yet not equipping him with ANY communication apps or devices. The hypocrisy

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