1. Almost a year since his last stream..

  2. The only true sight that I will not rewatch. It was a good effort but it felt bland, very uninteresting for the most part. Probably forced myself to finish the whole thing.

  3. I cant believe valve actually bought this story with vp

  4. I'm not sure in what world it's evasion. They were banned because their owner was personally sanctioned by the west and was very close to Putin, their new owner is neither of those things, so they can use the old brand?

  5. Yeah, some random armenian tweeting about how he "bought" VP. Fresh account with zero tweets, no info about the guy. This is definitely not ban evasion

  6. Let's be honest... I see Topson carrying the majority of the heavy team... Ana needs some warm up since he hasn't played in a while... I'm still reeling from the kuku viper vs. talon game one. Typically, there is no contribution. Ana is screaming for help on the inside.

  7. How much more time does Ana need? Hes been on the teams since July

  8. OG fanboys blaming Kuku 😂

  9. how did og manage to make sumail go to ti last year...

  10. Ask Fata why he didnt ban TA in the finals

  11. I wish gareth stopped sucking nigma players dicks for a second

  12. Div2 team knocking down actual TI contenders. WEU is so stacked smh

  13. Since when current nigma an actual TI contenders? Also, nigma was a div2 team prior this qualifier.

  14. betting companies are bad smh

  15. Crap! Better go watch miracle owning pubs with invoekr


  17. valve literally stole that money . that 30mil+ could fund years of lower tier teams . greedy . look at this year pass . sons of bitches sit and make sure dota 2 dies

  18. 2020 BP funded TI10 which was delayed not cancelled. Taiga just tweeted fake and dumb shit

  19. first of all there was no cancelled TI ,TI10 was delayed not cancelled.

  20. Hes playing for og thats why

  21. Anyone know what game he is streaming?

  22. community funded tournment btw ..we pay for it but cant watch nice

  23. You can watch it, Sing also can watch and even stream it

  24. The group stage scores show it clear as day which group was tougher. If you arent smart enough to extrapolate data then I cant help you.

  25. Yeah dude OG always getting harder groups and you arent dumb and delusional

  26. Why would i rage you fucking clown? Where did i call OG bad team or something like that? I just told you truth about the groups. Gratz winning another tier3 tournament

  27. Twitch chat is dumb who wouldve thought

  28. Wkwkwk Russian bot not understand he's not bragging when ramzes made no money last major so even someone making 1 dollar made more Wkwkwk (70iq btw)

  29. 7th-8th $12,500 360 Outsiders Outsiders BOOM Esports BOOM Esports

  30. All teams from group A won their games against group B, ironic considering many were whining about how uneven the groups were 10 days ago.

  31. What happened to the "group of death" guys?

  32. who tf draw these groups? alliance, SA team and talon in one group lmao

  33. Liquid, fnatic, nigma and tsm in one group lmao

  34. Whoever wins gonna lose at TI

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