1. Within the modded Spotify? Nope it's server sided.

  2. I think the main issue with the official app is how slow and clunky it is. Have you used Reddit revanced? Does it perform well?

  3. It's still meh. The app is already sluggish and have the worst video player in the history of mankind. But you can get rid of all ads though

  4. what version are you currently using if you don't mind me asking? I'm on 2023.19 because I worry if the newer versions work well with the patches

  5. It's widespread issue I believe. I've the same problem

  6. It got punctured. Too sad if you ask me.

  7. Heads up!! Yuzu just announced Switch emulator for Android. Here's TOTK running on a ROG 6

  8. I don't think Skyline is enough to run TOTK. Even Breath of the Wild was running at 30 FPS with lot of graphical glitches. Skyline is also shutdown but some devs have decided to move to a new emulator called Strato. You'll get better answers in

  9. Notice in the first picture the stars infront of B-2 is made up of it's silhouettes.

  10. Firgirl - for smaller size repacks, but takes a long time to install

  11. You can backup your Keystore (signature) in the Manager settings...

  12. Dude's on a break, will be back this July

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