I figured you people would know. Is there a makeup that would help me cover my scar? I'm rather self conscious of it and I'm tired of it being the first thing people notice.

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  1. Excellent job getting the eye in focus! What camera body and lens did you use?

  2. I cant even say that on a good day, I'll end up calling him washyoursister sauce

  3. wu-stuh-shr (American accent) wu-stuh-shur (English accent)

  4. I love rotund birds. Something about resembling a puffball just makes me so happy. Bushtits and titmice are pretty awesome.

  5. ADHD, OCD, GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), and Endo. They all play off each other. I’m 1.5 years post first lap and the symptoms are coming back. I had 1 year relatively pain free and my mental health was pretty great. I’m 32 and definitely feel a lot more anxiety about fertility and all the associated “what if’s”, even if I’ve been reassured otherwise. Im so thankful I’ve had my psychiatrist through all the bs we deal with to get diagnosed with Endo.

  6. I took a closer look and noticed some swelling around his eye as well as blood from the nostril. Would that be trauma or infection/disease?

  7. I will always love the way canines do the tiny pounces and head tilts when hunting rodents.

  8. Nice find. LA county? In some parts of SoCal black bear is big news.

  9. Southern Santa Barbara county. I haven’t seen one myself, but many people who live in the foothills or the canyons in the area have sightings. This is the closest I’ve come to seeing one this far south!

  10. I’m here for the gems and the puns. I studied earth sciences and the geology departments were by far the most punny. To a cringy dad joke level. It was awesome!

  11. I have a scar on my leg with a different story every time somebody asks about it. It has been “a fight with a bear”, “piracy gone wrong”, “disagreement with a lawn mower” and basically any absurd thing you could imagine aside from what it actually was (accidentally shut the cat’s tail in a door…). Plus if you have a sense of humor about it then any asshole who came in with intentions to poke fun or make you feel bad about it is instantly disarmed because you went there first. ETA: did not expect this to blow up like this! Thanks for the awards, friends! Much love!

  12. My family is pretty accident prone (well my dad, brother, and I) and someone is always showing off a new cut, scrape, or scar. One of the most memorable was my dad tripped on one of those office chair mats for carpet that has all the spikes to keep it from sliding. Well we were moving stuff around and it ended up spike side up. Dad caught his foot and went face first onto the mat. He ended up with scratches and puncture marks up and down his body. Luckily it wasn’t anything serious but he came up with plenty of wild animal attack stories 😂

  13. Wow! My first thought was great photo but the shirt seems really blown out. Then I read the caption! Absolutely amazing job so far!

  14. Sorry man, that is in fact a bed bug.

  15. I feel like these are all the subs I follow. Can I add that its a raccoon skull. Because it’s always a raccoon…

  16. YTA 100% Your wife tried to engage in one of your interests and you not only dismissed her but demeaned her. You need to take some of that time you use playing Words with Friends and read up on Dyslexia. Your wife has had to adapt her entire life to learn and read in a standardized system. She needs encouragement from her loved ones not shame.

  17. I had one like this about 10 years ago above my knee. Waited a few days to get it checked out because it was finals week. It was small at first and had a bruise. Next it was larger and inflamed like a pancake. Then all the swelling got really centralized and it looked like a golf ball. And the skin was really hot. I got home to my parents and took a nap and when I woke up I was so fatigued I couldn’t get off the couch. Mom took me to urgent care and because of their security measures they couldn’t keep topical numbing ointment, so I had to get shots of lidocaine(?) directly into the infection. It got worse. The bite had become necrotic and there were multiple channels of necrotic tissue that had to be removed and cleaned. I had to get medication that’s usually prescribed to people with leprosy and have the wound repacked with fresh gauze every day for a month to avoid gangrene. Don’t be dumb like me and wait. That was something I would never like to experience again and I have a divot in my thigh to remind me.

  18. I contacted my specialist after my back went out about a week ago and I was having acute lower back pain very similar to what I had before excision surgery. Here’s some insight from her

  19. Overall, I quite like this image, but, in my opinion (which of course is nothing more than that), the bright saturated greens of the foliage are stealing the show from the mushroom.

  20. I totally agree with desaturating the green. It also seems like you’re getting too much blue in the mulch as well. I really like the information and suggested edit that kenerling did, the one thing that got lost that I really liked was the highlights on the dew drops in the foreground.

  21. Absolutely stunning! I love hummingbirds and refer to them as the chihuahuas of birds. Tiny little territorial creatures that act wayyy bigger than they are! I also affectionately call them “adorable little a**holes”.

  22. I had my Mirena IUD replaced during my lap and it was so much easier than my first one which was without any dilation or pain meds. I was on and off Lo loestrin for a few years to stop ovulation and it did give me pain relief, but the side effects kept getting worse to the point where I would rather deal with the pain and not take additional hormones. I haven’t had much of a period since I had my first IUD placed but I still notice changes in my cycle like migraines and acne.

  23. Aaa I feel that. :( I got half a year (after I had finally healed completely, which took half a year too). I had hoped for a couple of years instead, but alas. To the heating pads!

  24. At least now I can blame Endo for a good portion of my ailments! And I realize it’s probably related to more stuff but I had such doctor/medical burnout leading up to and after surgery that I haven’t gone out of my way to see other specialist (allergist and endocrinologist) and actually get a new primary care doctor. It’s exhausting haha

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