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  1. It took me awhile to get used to it, but I really like it now. A couple songs I’m not crazy about, but overall it’s pretty good

  2. One is an indulgence in not wanting to do anything and the other is usually to feel like you’re better than others. Both are pretty toxic

  3. Okay so wouldn’t that make more sense that people wouldn’t have discovered his music until he died then? If he wasn’t as popular? Your logic just doesn’t make sense. I don’t see anyone liking an artists music just because they’re dead. Doesn’t make sense

  4. Dude you wasnt alive when joy Davisson died in the 80s .. you were alive when peep died though and didn’t jump in the bandwagon until you seen other people in love with him .. seen OTHER people post about him .. fake fans like I said

  5. I didn’t start to like him because of other people posting about him dying lmao. One of my exes used to listen to him and I liked the music and he just happened to already be dead when I read about him like you’re so turnt lol

  6. I'd rather specific like this than just crickets when you message and have to make your own judgement call on replace or refund etc.

  7. yeah and then they message you when you just started check out talking about how they want this and that as a replacement 😒 when nothing was listed

  8. I once saw a musty old car w the biggest doordash stickers on all doors, rear windshield, and hood in my market. Tacky as hell. I don’t even use the doordash branded bag to keep it low key.

  9. So, I’ve never done it, but my boyfriend used to and I have other friends with drug addictions too. For one, feelings are fickle. Youll start to chase a “high” because your tolerance will always continue to grow. Just because something feels good, doesn’t mean it’s worth it— like eating cake every day might taste good, but it’s not worth it for your health. Same kinda thing applies here except this will become way more expensive and life ruining than eating cake daily

  10. I like the pink and black or fully black or pink lol but I’m also a sucker for long hair so 🤷🏼‍♀️ The style of his hair with fully hot pink and fully black hair is ✨✨✨

  11. Door dash still gives you the option to have final say in way you deliver. Call support and let them know you dont feel comfortable. They will either be ok and cancel or be ok leave at door.

  12. I told my customer to catch me outside one time cause she was cussing at me 😂 she changed her tune real quick and said “I thought this was DD support” like ok lady you literally said “where the hell is my food??” 🤥

  13. Yeah and then I left her to study in a foreign country for a year.

  14. I don’t think it’s bad for only .7 miles but that’s just me and I’m hella broke right now 😂

  15. I mean yeah, but I wasn’t looking at that originally, but why ask if you already know you wouldn’t take it? They do need to pay more but i nightly doubt that will happen

  16. The gaslighting one was fun start to finish. Started stronger than it finished but the very end was so hilarious

  17. Nineteen has been my favorite for around 2-3 years, one of the best in my opinion

  18. “I don’t wanna lose you, I don’t wanna hate you, I don’t wanna do you like thattttt” Yeh, I love that one too, it was my favorite for a few months, but now, I don’t even know lol they’re all good and it depends on my mood

  19. I showed my boyfriend this picture and he said “that’s all you care about is goth boy dick” 😂😂😂

  20. Shieeet with what I can see, he doesn’t needed daddy tatted on his chest for me to call him daddddy

  21. Not sure, but I never click decline— I just wait for it to disappear on its own lol

  22. You have so bad numbers of rating customers, 22 ratings on the lasts 100 makes anything under 5 stars to hurt a lot, sad.

  23. It’s such BS. I got one removed for a “low rating customer” so I guess some people just give everyone one star

  24. “I don’t have a microwave in my car” I love it 😂 do they not realize we don’t work at the place?

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