1. This is great. I especially like that pets are allowed, because those of us who have them are so aware of how much of a mental help they can be (whether you need it or not!). I wonder if they would take pet supply donations... will have to check that out.

  2. It sounded like they do. They will probably need leashes, since the guests will need to keep their pets leashed while there.

  3. Good idea! I'm thinking that I might want to buy, or make, some padded doggie beds...

  4. I don't have a dog, but the dogs are supposed to sleep in crates. Can doggy beds go in crates? I be they would love that!

  5. Why are you taking one line of what she said and falsely promoting that this is her message as if she has absolutely no compassion? She also offers some suggestions to help that are quite reasonable. How dare she want to provide some other solution besides people living in tents next to the river, like suggesting an unused hotel or actual temporary dwellings. Maybe read the article before posting???

  6. Tiny houses is going to take too long to build, but the hotel is workable as long as it is reasonably close to other resources. Housing these folks in an out-of-the-way hotel would mean making sure they have some transportation available. Also, some a smart phone with internet access to stay in touch with employment and services.

  7. Great, sounds like it should be a non issue then. Lets get it done and protect a woman's right to choose in this state. Pushing for 9 months of elective abortion policy is not how you compromise. Most people do not support that, no matter how rare and uncommon it is.

  8. Most people are listening to misinformation and believing it is accurate.

  9. It looks like you are talking about an abortion of medical neccesity, I explitly stated a few times I am talking about elective abortions.

  10. Did you read the article? A very small percentage are conducted in the third trimester, and by and large, they are ALL medically necessary. The idea that there is the wide swath of support for ELECTIVE third trimester is fallacious.

  11. I feel like asparagus is a vegetable rarely eaten raw, and especially not in a "crudite." Making it especially odd.

  12. That looked like some really nasty asparagus. I'd use it for vegetable stock if someone forced me to buy it.

  13. At this time of year, asparagus is woody. Maybe Oz is telling us something about his head.

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  15. I can say living here and seeing how shitty ppl are to pedestrians in crosswalk areas, it tripped me out in Vegas to see cars stop at them if they even suspected you may walk across the street.

  16. New Orleans, too. Shocked the hell outta me.

  17. Maybe a pool noodle? They're really bright and easy to see. Some cyclists attach them to their bikes to indicate the 4ft distance.

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  19. Please don't editorialize your post titles; reserve your opinions for the comment section.

  20. Dr Oz op-ed, hits allll the right's talking points.

  21. Im unable to go out till later on in the day so im worried that someone might pick them up before then… you think she would be ok with a different bird?

  22. If you call the store, you should be able to give them payment info over the phone. I'm sure they would be fine with holding the bird until you could collect it. Good luck, good person!

  23. Is that a stream of urine leading away from him? Really hope he’s ok.

  24. I was coming up the ramp from the waterfront towards the science center, and two motor cycle cops came down towards me, riding partly in my lane. It was terrifying.

  25. I use the sidewalk. I could count on one hand the times I saw a cyclist in the road way. Motorists exiting/entering 28 are a menace.

  26. Type 2 Diabetic weighing in. I don't do bread, and this looks amazing.

  27. YES- the frozen section is amazing

  28. Right? and they don't have a lot of preservatives in them. Or weird chemicals.

  29. Thank you! I’m not a huge bird person but I saw this one on a hike and thought it was gorgeous :)

  30. Yeah, I saw it too, and thought I'd come back and comment when I had a minute.

  31. I meet people on the GAP making the trip back and forth between Connellsville and Pittsburgh all the time! I will, eventually, make the trip myself.

  32. Oh, it does not. Also, this wasn't an attack. Do you feel attacked?

  33. They aren't complaining. Are you complaining?

  34. Begging for money while literally burning money is complaining, yes.

  35. Cute birds, but notorious for marginal nest building. You should go check out

  36. Kind of like those mail in ballets being deemed legal by secretary of states, even though the legislatures make election laws….

  37. Man, get over it. In my state, the republican-controlled legislature voted FOR those mail-in Ballot measures, and then challenged it after Biden won.

  38. Get over what? This whole sub cannot stand the fact that there is another viewpoint and doesn’t want to hear it.

  39. Well, I suppose delusion is a different viewpoint.

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