1. I wish asking questions didn’t induce anxiety because of my very shitty experience with elementary and middle school teachers who would lambast kids (including me) for asking questions.

  2. i understand this very well.. this used to be the case for me as well but I’ve learned that I should not feel ashamed for asking questions.. during this semester, i was in a lab and i needed help but the lab instructor wasn’t helpful enough to actually explain & answer my question; however, I kept telling her “i dont understand” three times until she finally explained the procedure to me… the point is.. does she think im stupid? maybe.. maybe not but i couldn’t care any less, i just wanted to know how the lab experiment done so that i could get over with it

  3. The stupid questions are when some headass asks an irrelevant question bc they want to show off

  4. not necessarily.. sometime people ask basic qs bc they’re trying to catch up

  5. Well, you don’t imagine a geometric shape, since we live in 3 dimensions.

  6. I can’t tell if this is sarcasm and I probably sound like a dumbass for actually explaining… but if you were to be dragged across the ground by the legs (most likely the feet), then your bottom would be sliding across the ground and your vagina would fill up with dirt because of the direction you’re being pulled and being that you’re a cave person you’re not exactly clothed.

  7. I hate porn as it has deluded me and probably many. Real females ain't like porn depicts. females aren't meant 2b objectified. If it wasn't 4 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'s there'd be no industry.

  8. because in my research paper i chose to narrow it down and use my research to examine its affect on men

  9. You're not even going to contextualize this? Who are you? Who is this research for? Why should we feel comfortable divulging this very personal information to you?

  10. I’ve very sorry, you’re right. I’m writing an argumentative research paper for an advanced academic writing course. My research question is “Should Pornography be Restricted by Law?”. Therefore, I am examining the possible effects of pornography on men’s perception and behavior as a result to their consumption of pornography. This study is completely anonymous.. you will just participate into something greater… please help me write this and share your experiences with me :)

  11. Perceive women? No…that question seems a bit vague.

  12. i elaborated in the survey, please take it i need to submit the essay due tmrw :)

  13. The real question is probably more like "why do some 45% of women claim to have daddy issues"

  14. question is why do invalidate them… if they say they have daddy issues then they do

  15. In diff eq now, it's both fun and terrifyingly difficult lmao

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