1. I don’t understand the reaction? You can say no and keep it moving or you can accept it and pull a BDE move and you treat them to a fancier date next time. You can also directly say that you are accepting their generosity because you would like to pay for the drinks afterwards or the second date. Real generosity is not an issue. Oh no, someone bought me stuff when the wage gap still exists? There are so many ways you can navigate this. It honestlyyyyy feels like trying to find a struggle.

  2. Quote to me where I said I am "pressed to get rid of the offer" lmao.

  3. Yes. I view sex as something I'd only be willing to share in a committed relationship, and I'd only date someone who held a similar view to mine. And since I'm a virgin, I'd not be sexually compatible with someone who'd slept with tons of people: I'm sure we both would find that kind of power imbalance extremely uncomfortable and inappropriate, and if he didn't, then well, that'd be another dealbreaker anyway.

  4. Genuine question: Why would there be an inappropriate power imbalance between a sexually experienced and not experienced person?

  5. No, because I am not an immature child who believes that the amount of sex someone has had is a moral issue or says anything about their character.

  6. Does anyone else feel like they are having a stroke while reading this comment? Cause I certainly am.

  7. Sounds to me like there is some trauma that hasn't been properly addressed. Have you gone to therapy?

  8. "I keep getting not nice treatment from guys" Because you're picking the wrong guys, you're getting with the attractive ones who have options so they don't have to be nice to you. I'd go on a whim and say most men are actually genuinely good dudes who would treat you well, but they aren't getting picked due to lack of height, they're more shy to approach you, or average in looks.

  9. So you are saying that attractive people can't be nice and unattractive people are all nice? Very weird mentality. Also very weird to assume you know all about who a complete stranger dates.

  10. What? The only time that would make me raise an eyebrow is lik 04:00 at night, and that only because I'd be curious about why someone is up at that time. I don't give a shit about texting on friday evenings. Why should I?

  11. I mean you don't have to if you don't want to, it's your prerogative

  12. It's not about wanting or not wanting, it's about being able to evaluate sources. The study itself specifically does not claim itself to be representative, so why should you?

  13. It's a corroborating data point to the lived experiences of myself and my male peers, it may or may not be representative of an entire population but it doesn't invalidate the data point.

  14. I 100% get wanting external, empirical validation to your lived experiences. But sources like these don't actually provide that. This study is not representative. It actively calls that fact out. Furthermore, it employs terminology widely criticized by many psychologists - the "Dark Triad" thing is pretty damn unscientific and useless. The study is done by researchers with a heavily christian background - which is of course not damning by itself, but something that I feel needs to be considered since christianity has a very specific idea of dating.

  15. My comment wasn't hypocritical. If you had bothered to read my explanation you would understand that.

  16. literally explained that part. read or die mad about it.

  17. That makes no sense though. I could ask you if you have ever dated a Bahnsteigswärter and if you ask me what that is I could say that you should be the one to define it. Doesn't really help you with the question though, does it?

  18. There are plenty of people who are virgins and/or have no dating experience at 23. There is nothing wrong with you and you are not worthless.

  19. Well, I mean, if I was the friend who took a look at your profile, I obviously would have done my best to make it really good. If you then ask me to do the same thing again and again, it feels like I a) didn't do it well enough/didn't do it the right way for you and it's not helping either way and b) like you're expecting me to do something that I simply cannot do.

  20. Your reaction is completely normal and understandable. A 6 year age gap at your age is something serious and can shape the form of the relationship. I also believe that it is completely normal and respectful to tell someone your age before getting intimate with them, especially if you're in a situation where your age will most likely be misjudged.

  21. Why do you care? This is a dating advice sub, and every single person on this sub can tell you that you Do Not flirt with people who are working.

  22. The line of thinking you are describing is dangerously close to terf ideology and I do not agree with it at all.

  23. I like em. There are a few acapella bands that I really like and I have deep respect for the amazing things the base singers of these bands can do. They also just have really nice speaking voices.

  24. Why would you assume that someone is lying instead of acknowledging that your experiences aren't universal? Jesus Christ.

  25. They're not funny, and anyone who thinks getting a laugh is more important than respecting people is a fucking asshole.

  26. Think about myself in positive terms. Don't allow any negative self-descriptions.

  27. You need matches with people you are actually interested in.

  28. We don't know your partner. You do. You should have at least a general idea of what she would like.

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