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  1. This has been debunked literally hundreds of times on

  2. According to the 4 Madhabs this is not up for debate. The Bukhari Hadith is authentic, she was married at 6 and the marriage was consummated when she was 9. Shaykh Ebrahim Desai refutes your claim about her age during the battle of Badr, saying “It is clear that the [age limit] was for males and not females because the males were the ones to actively participate in the expeditions. The females would only provide services when needed. This objection does not hold any weight especially when there are clear and authentic narrations in Sahīh al-Bukhārī, Sahīh Muslim, and various other books of Hadīth proving the age of Aishah Radhiyallāhu Anhā to be six at the time of marriage”.

  3. Even within the madhhabs there was debate on her age. If you feel this strongly I suggest discussing it on

  4. It's not accepted. Every hospital/program I've been in has taken this seriously. Verbal abuse happens in a lot of professions.

  5. Sadly not my experience. When I was an intern a surgeon lost his temper and smacked me. In front of witnesses. I filed a complaint with HR and nothing came of it, because he was a very high ranking attending.

  6. That's assault. You should have called the police.

  7. I’ve thought about that many times since then. What would have happened? Would I be allowed back to work if I got an department head attending arrested? Would I still have a career if he was friends with the director and chair? Would I get my residency contract renewed? In the end I was too scared to speak up. I think he did it once more, but I know every year he made numerous residents cry until he moved out of state to another hospital.

  8. What a stupid take. Majority of the worlds Muslims live in democracies. In some ways they’re more free than America.

  9. I want to believe. Do we have any sources on this?

  10. There is a clinic run by the NYU dental students (and supervised by attending dentist professors), much cheaper than anywhere else.

  11. Like I said, wait til full report or body cam comes out. This article is inflammatory at least

  12. So I owe you an apology? After the beating death of Tyre, I guess we are out of excuses for police behavior around the country.

  13. Tyre wasn’t the only one. The reporter talked about his

  14. No, they're blocking them because fully featured 3rd party web browsers would better allow users to circumvent the App Store.

  15. That’s wrong. Apple actively supports web apps with a ton of third party APIs already. Third party browsers have security issues on their own.

  16. Most vulnerabilities are in Safari so naturally they spend more resources there and hence those are patched faster as a result, compared to other vulnerabilities.

  17. Happening to me too, even after a factory reset. After 2 factory resets, I can say it’s the Fit Adjustment tool. It seems confused by my face and crashes guardian app. Turning it off immediately fixes the problem. Turning it on triggers the issue right away.

  18. Rooms was a wonderfully family-friendly app where you could invite friends in, watch a video together or play a game. You could even decorate the room a bit. It was the perfect way for a virtual party with a few friends and the reason I bought a Go for relatives.

  19. To be fair, ad revenue sharing is a pretty good idea for a content platform. How you would actually make it work on Twitter is beyond me though. Tying it to a subscription is also insanely dumb. Also Twitter is arguably not a content platform either, it's more accurately a social platform.

  20. In early Twitter meetings, Musk suggested pivoting the company to be a competitor to YouTube. It wasn’t well-received.

  21. I think they thought it was that thing where no one can ever disagree with them, but damn I can't think of what it's called.

  22. The democratic opponent had been expected to win, and their previous two reps had been democrats, so democratic leaning seems justified to me. It's not a safe seat, but that's literally what "leaning" means in this context.

  23. Tucker Carlson is literally going with that as his defense of Santos, saying that if these lies had come out during the campaign it wouldn’t have made a difference in people who voted for him.

  24. The raid on trump. No he was not warned.

  25. Yes he was warned. The FBI contacted his lawyers and notified them that there was a search warrant and agents would come later in the day, notifying secret service as well before arrival. They arrived in plainclothes and khakis to avoid disturbing guests. That IS being warned and you’re overdramatizing “storming” through anything.

  26. Your edit history shows 10 min after your initial post. Writing “crickets” shows you are just trolling, as some of us aren’t on Reddit 24/7 like you expect.

  27. Yes. As I said Turkey is beautiful if you are a tourist. If you live there tho it sucks

  28. As someone who lived in multiple countries, the grass is always greener on the other side. Turkey has advantages and disadvantages. Travel more and you’ll appreciate what you have.

  29. Well, if downvotes are any indication, we know there's at least 35 of those cynical teens of which you speak. Not factoring in bots, of course.

  30. Popularity isn’t a measure of quality, McDonald’s is the most popular hamburger in the world and cockroaches outnumber humans. That’s a terrible way to judge something.

  31. Best thing for now is still PCVR until this feature is developed.

  32. He didn't take a gun across state lines. He lived in Illinois and a Wisconsin friend bought the rifle before he drove up there. This friend was charged for a straw purchase but Rittenhouse carrying it wasn't illegal.

  33. This again falls into the “technically legal but still a morally bad idea” category. He still was on video saying he wanted to go and shoot protestors, so we already have intent and state of mind. Regardless of whether it was legal to bring the gun and join protests, it was a recipe for trouble for him. Just because it didn’t clear the high burden of proof in a criminal trial doesn’t mean he was innocent.

  34. I’m a white person and I converted to Islam. There’s a ton of us over at

  35. Personally I don't understand why people say the plot points aren't bad. I can't imagine accepting any execution that makes Bran king, or Dany go mental, or Jaime go back to Cersei, etc. Any of it, really. It's the plot points themselves that I dislike, not how believable they were in context. Dany just being another Rhaenyra is honestly pretty shitty imho, as well as boring. Obviously George is gonna die before we get the end of the series, maybe even before TWoW, so it doesn't matter, but if the "bullet points" of the show are the same in the book I'm not interested anyway.

  36. I could accept a plan that makes Bran king, as a hard-fought compromise after a protracted battle with armies facing each other off. Not after 5 min of dialogue and speeches.

  37. He is though, minimizing the part he played because you don't like him is disingenuous. It's not like he took over already successful companies.

  38. If you relied on millions from your father to make yourself a billionaire, I’d hardly consider that the “self-made” label. He’s not the only one I’d say this about.

  39. No I know you're not going to do a lick of research into this but the fact of the matter is the guy started out like the rest of us and actually he wasn't even really considered rich until recently. And the dude took a lot of risks along the way which the vast majority of people don't understand

  40. What makes you assume I didn’t do any research? He bragged about his dad’s business and how he accompanied him on dangerous trips out of the country for massive payoffs. Either you have to admit he was lying then or now, but either way his origin story is embellished. He DID grow his wealth from millions to billions and he deserves some acclaim for that.

  41. I doubt a low level customer service rep would know the Quest roadmap.

  42. Still waiting on a Ghostbusters VR game. Sounds like an awesome concept.

  43. It would sure be a tragedy if he was struck by lightning sometime soon.

  44. He deserves it, but God gives respite. The Quran says people like him will beg to be sent back so they can fix what they did wrong, but it will be too late.

  45. John Lovitz played a slimy George Santos like character on SNL a long time ago

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