1. She is very blunt not sharp - she’s gorgeous!!

  2. I think I finally understood “blunt”. But if she has vertical I guess she couldn’t be N, rather FN. but it’s not impossible… there are some softer elements about her, maybe it would be useful to see whether the soft elements or the vertical prevails

  3. That’s a good point, I don’t know, I just can’t see the softness, like if you watch clips of her, she’s very dry and muscular looking, she doesn’t appear to have much in the way of fleshiness or softness, but I don’t know if it’s just because she’s so slim? When I see her next to Ginnifer Goodwin for example who’s either R or SC I believe, she looks so narrow and tall, even though they’re around the same height, it’s strange??

  4. I’m sorry but she sounds like Rumpelstiltskin. You DO NOT owe her your first child, and she needs to accept that her temper tantrums about YOUR child will get her no where. Honestly if you guys live close it may be worth saying that you’ll go to her instead, that way you’re always there, and she can’t pollute your environment with her dog and whatever else she will deem ‘necessary’ to do to baby’s environment.

  5. Yes! Im the same. The smallest point on my waist is a bit high and my legs look “long” in comparison. I prefer vintage styles as well because the higher waist tends to fit better and I look a bit less huge lol. I don’t really know my type yet but I think I’m curve accommodating and surprisingly i look better with waist emphasis (something i think my mother tried to drill into me when i was younger but teenage rebellion) There might not be a way to wear straight silhouettes if you’re curve accommodating though to be honest. Maybe if the garment is made from a fabric with a lot of drape?

  6. My family were the same!! I went through and oversized grunge phase and they were like ‘Nooo wear your fitted clothes!!’ 😂. From your pics I’d say either SN or SC but I’m not 100% sure. Some pictures you look super balanced but others your frame stands out a little more, from what I’ve seen in these comments it seems being short waisted happens alot for the soft types! I’m glad it’s not just me out there pretending to have long legs 🙈 it’s my super power having the longest waist to bikini area ever 😂

  7. Yea my mum would always say “you should really tuck in your tops” and I was always against it lol. I didn’t look awful but I did look not so harmonious in a way. Yea it’s so up in the air for me where I fall so for now im just sticking with accommodating curve and something 😂. I guess short waists are a thing for the softer types after all! I feel you on that long waist to bikini area length 😂🤣

  8. Honestly just keep plodding through them, it takes TIME 😂😂 especially when you’re quite balanced because you have to really look for different things, for ages I just went with ‘something yin leaning’ and eventually figured it (mostly) out 😂. It is all just trial and error! Best of luck to you though, and pop any links in the post if you find any things that are good for us short waisters 🙏🙏😂

  9. I have kyleena IUD, I was cramping for about a week after but severely if I ‘over did’ it, so like heavy lifting, working out, hours of cleaning etc, all those kick started super cramps for about the first 3-4 weeks, so it depends on you really, I have brutal periods/pelvic pain anyway, but I know people with the coil who get regular left sided pain for ages after. Just try not to over do it if you do go, but me personally - I’d reschedule knowing my own body if that makes sense?

  10. I have the same "problem" also. I mostly wear dresses which have high waist or are stretch. Trousers and shorts are almost impossible to wear since most of them are straight without room for hips, and even skirts are often too straight or too low waist. I find mom jeans are ok though. But it's really complicated to shop when you are outside "the norm"...

  11. Yeah I usually wear either really stretchy high waist capris or mom jeans for trousers! And other than that I wear really stretch pencil skirts or bodycon dresses! They’re a life saver!

  12. On paper with measurements I am an hourglass but my silhouette is super straight and moderate. What matters is how the clothes hang on the silhouette.

  13. Do you still get the pulling from the raw measurements though, like does it pull front to back rather than horizontally? If so do you have to accommodate that?

  14. Back in like 2015/2016 when there was a monster heatwave here, I was working in a pizza shop (like FOH takeaway kinda thing), all the guys I worked with were Arabic and used to super hot conditions, I was not. There was no air con, pizza grills/ovens blasting heat through, internal thermometer read 44°C. I started going really light headed and floppy and stumbled into the back room and nearly passed out, the boss came back and screamed at me to get back out there because we were really busy, I was like 17 at the time and basically unconscious.

  15. I’ve been looking for some near me, but no where seems to specialise, I live in a leather town, so leather cleaning is popular but not fur x

  16. Not used coffee grounds like what you're describing. Ground coffee is simply coffee beans that have been ground up. Not instant coffee, and not used coffee grounds lol.

  17. Yes thank you, that’s basically what I was trying to convey as well. It doesn’t make any sense to me! Or then if you want to commit to height limits, create a minimum height as well? People keep saying tall = automatic long vertical line but somewhat short =/= short vertical line? The Mae West is a great example, 152cm is extremely short and probably about as rare as 178cm women. The other example that comes to mind is Audrey Hepburn (I personally don’t really see petite and / or short vertical line in her, rather the opposite) but I’m sure if I brought her up in the original post I would’ve had a million explanations as to how she could still be a G despite her height (which apparently is supposed to be off, because how could a gamine ever be taller you know...).

  18. Exactly! I completely agree with you. I always thought how long Audrey Hepburn looks, it’s the same with Marilyn, she was 1/2 an inch shorter than me, but I got sooo many downvotes for considering R for myself??

  19. Absolute handshake on this, 100% agree. Guess we’ll both die on that hill then haha.

  20. I just wanted to say these pieces are STUNNING!

  21. I like 4,5, and 7. Fitted separates and v necks are my faves:)

  22. I think you haven’t posted those kinds of outfits before, usually it’s super flowy and/or two piece. The sleek “vampy” thing seems to work for you, at least in my view.

  23. Thank you :) I’ve learned to play more into my essence since I don’t seem to have a type 😂 it seems to be working quite well, just trial and error 🙏

  24. I am not diagnosed endo, just ‘probable’. However I’ve always struggled with pain and really heavy bleeding. Had the copper coils after the pill & nexplannon. Not having hormones was great, however the pain, I cannot being to tell you how bad it was. Flooding bleeding, excruciating pain, cysts, and severe anaemia. Gyno made me take it out because of how much it was making me bleed 10/10 do not recommend for pain or heavy bleeders, but that’s just my 2 cents xx

  25. Took the quiz, got mostly E answers, thought I was R, came here everyone said either SN (standard), SG (I’m too tall?), DC (that one surprised me), SC (meh maybe?) then being 5’6 everyone’s default was ‘you can’t be R therefore SD’. I have a very strong R essence, but because of my height apparently it’s not possible. So I’m settled on ‘something yin, can get away with R & SD lines, and SC if I wanna look super professional?’ 😂 I just dress to my essence now, it’s far easier.

  26. Got emotional seeing this thread. I don't know enough to type her, but had to comment. RIP Brittany.

  27. Weird question - has she ever been tested for Autism? ASD have a massive overlap with eating disorders (around 70% of women with ED’s meet the diagnostic criteria for ASD), it could also be why she is eating the same food over and over again (I do that too when I’m stressed, not yet diagnosed but I know I’m autistic).

  28. Strictly Kibbe is where "modern" Kibbe info comes from (including the height guidelines as well as the Kibbe-specific terminology width, vertical, curve, etc.). But I just wanted to mention that the original book is available for download on the internet as well. It was linked

  29. I think up to 5’7 and down to 5’1 can be moderate, aka the average height (5’4) plus or minus three inches. This is just a personal opinion. But I’m 4’10 and I have plenty of 5’6/5’7 friends who seem moderate to me while others seem tall or narrow or etc

  30. Thank you, that’s also super helpful :) I was expecting to get crazy downvotes for this but there has been so much helpful info!

  31. I had the same thing happen except with my great uncle. I adored him, I was only 7 when he passed, but it was like losing a parent. None of my other cousins really spent much time with him, but I spent loads of time with him. He left me a VERY large sim of money, my aunt was PISSED. But it was his wishes, and the money went to me. I felt no guilt because I knew how much he loved me and I him, and how much he wanted to do this for me. Honour his wishes, take your money and feel no guilt. Your cousins don’t need to know how much he left you, and dead men tell no tales.

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