1. OpEds are just reddit posts in the paper. To rational people, they mean nothing.

  2. Really? So can I get my post published in a NY Times OpEd?

  3. We're being so heavily propagandized at all times, noting things like "talking points" is part of raising awareness about how we are being manipulated.

  4. And one way we are being manipulated is to believe that support for free speech, civil rights, bodily autonomy, and opposition to Big Pharma profiteering, "15 minute city" lockdowns, digital IDs, and Central Bank Digital Currency are all right-wing talking points.

  5. Yeah, I don't know much about that stuff. I know that bosses and landlords exploit the shit out of working class people and that Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Social Democrats all think that's great.

  6. Well, I agree with that 100% if you are talking about the Koch brother's Cato Institute pro-oligarch, pro-billionaire free market fundamentalist libertarianism that infects so many tech bros in the USA.

  7. Some# little, itty# bitty, massively important details missing here#. The US presence is still there at the request oph the Syrian Democratic phorces, and is continuing to help# with# operations against Islamic State cells still operating, and conducting attacks, in the country while their very# presence helps to limit the potential oph conphlict between the Syrian State and the SDph#. It's the same# purpose oph Russian troops being stationed between Turkish dominated chunks oph the country and SDph# territory, it helps to prevent conphlict phrom escalating. It's not a perphect system, but I think we can agree that# less# people dying is a good# thing.

  8. So, by the same logic, you fully suport Russia's invasion of Ukraine at the request of the Eastern Ukraine Self-Determination Democratic phorces. Right?

  9. Where are the Syrian flags in the twitter profiles of the "any military aggression on the territory of any sovereign nation is always wrong period" Ukraine war funding apologists?

  10. The word "tankie" jumped the shark the very first time it was used unironically to insult those who do not sufficiently support US imperialistic aggression and/or VBNMW authoritarian ideology.

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