1. I've walked from Rome to the Rome Airport before because I was just so adamant on not giving the Roman cabbies their fare. They were charging 50 Euros which seems quite high at the time.

  2. Kind of leaning towards "seeking justice" but has a toe or two past the line of vindictiveness.

  3. Not really. I don't even know what I'd do to "make a move." Feeling legs is relatively innocent, so I wouldn't want to do something that violates boundaries or goes too far. Probably best to just directly ask her if she just wants to be friends or more.

  4. I have to say maybe feeling calves once or twice is "relatively innocent". But feeling her thick juicy thighs every time y'all hang out, something's afoot here.

  5. "Thick juicy thighs" I don't know why that part made me laugh so much...it's pretty accurate though, lol. I personally still see it as innocent, because thighs are still just legs. If she made me touch where the thighs lead up to though, that's where I'd see it as definitely not innocent though.

  6. Yeah bro, thighs are just legs just like lips are still face.

  7. I'd apologize to the bear, and assume the begging position. Hopefully the bear will realize its superiority over me and let me live.

  8. It's just a common meat that you find in supermarkets that are decent tasting.

  9. My answer might differ from most other people's answers here.

  10. I don't know, but I searched them up just to make sure I know what you're talking about, and they are damn cute!

  11. They are, I thought they’d be ugly when I looked them up!

  12. Yes. There are probably a thousand things you forgot, and you don't remember.

  13. I have tortoises... They don't give a fuck

  14. Would you say if you shared this opinion over a family/friends dinner, you'd the odd one out?

  15. One way you can help them is to go to local shelters and volunteer to serve soup or speak with them.

  16. Most of the time, I'm talking 99% of the time, they will not refund you a dollar.

  17. No. She could just be more extroverted when she is drunk, and you like that. Generally, people are more fun/easy-going when they have had a couple drinks in them, so that could be why.

  18. This isn't as common as you think, but it also might be a regional thing. For example if they are in a hotter climate, and not so much in the city, I can see men doing that. However, I would say as a whole, it isn't as common as you think.

  19. I find that when I clear my throat, it's almost a sign of "getting ready". Getting ready to say something, getting ready to take action.

  20. I thought X was a little weak. People seemed to like it though. I am going to watch Pearl though because I'm caught in the trilogy now.

  21. You definitely can. If you workout right, and give your muscles a chance to break down by stressing them through exercises, and eating right (protein) afterwards to replenish them and rebuild them, you can definitely build muscles by only working out on weekends.

  22. Yes. Super Smash Bros. is a game that is played purely by smashing and only brothers can play.

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