1. Wow, everyone's favourite :D

  2. Dang quite early, since last year was November.

  3. It's gonna be free entry yes?

  4. Super easy. It took me less than 10 minutes to figure out how to search specific things, add the tags, and sort by kudos to get the best fan fiction you've ever laid eyes on. But it's also hit or miss cause you will either get the most beautifully written piece of literature mankind has ever laid eyes upon or you'd get a fanfic that's just I Am Groot repeated 50,000 times.

  5. I usually start with what pairing I want or what fandom I want and I'll start from there.

  6. Who the hell are the 5 people that are 40+

  7. That would be your mother, I assume

  8. You've violated the Ultra Laws.

  9. Didn't know you can have a custom one. Where you got it?

  10. Also he got that uncanny Ultraman as pfp like bruh.

  11. Is this another Decker movie but Blazar will be making a cameo? Something similar to the traditions for Kamen rider? New riders making cameos in the rider series before them

  12. "That's a nice argument, Ultraman. Why don't you back it up with a source?"

  13. "Unfortunately all the source were at the hands of the 2 billion Baltans I massacred."

  14. Love Carmeara with Trigger doll in the background lol

  15. This shit isn't fun anymore... congratulations.first that idiot with the blackberry the second a Nokia....this is so stupid

  16. Oh legally yeah you're right, I don't think too many people consider that when it comes to emulation though. Bit of an age old debate

  17. Yeah talk as much as you want about legality while I'm here enjoying emulating my favourite games on my phone

  18. Comparing Decker with other bad Ultra shows, Decker's the best lol.

  19. If you mean the Venus.chub then not really. The original people involved are not the one who made this site.

  20. Also he said don't watch this movie like this isn't CATS from 2019 lol.

  21. I still need to see this movie, anyone know where I can watch it in Australia?

  22. Now i wanna eat Maggi kari without using any cutlery 🤤

  23. It means the guy, Regulos, knows martial arts.

  24. Belial was a good guy at a early point in his life. He wanted to save and help people, however, his methods were on the extreme end. Between not being recognized and his power quickly stagnating, he felt insecure. He was worried about being weak and he gave into his fears- And as a result the light rejected him.

  25. The correct answer here. Need more like you lol

  26. Correct answer but we need a more lore reason lol

  27. This is why you need to have an Android and an iPhone

  28. Nevermind... It's all working fine, good job.

  29. I thought it said that incest is not allowed there lol

  30. Don't we kind of have that in volume 6 or smth

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