1. Predaplants do get a lot better when the support drops

  2. How is pure Predap? I kinda don't wanna splash Branded in everything lol, unless it's just so much better.

  3. I haven't have seen a pure variant

  4. Y'know, there is a Vrains deck that focuses on Machine Links that swarm and burn. It's also used by a cyborg hacker cowboy, so yeah, there's that.

  5. I really want Drones to come as well as Lightning's deck

  6. And I'm saying I don't give a shit how gimmicky it is. It's unfun to play against. Did you even read my original message?

  7. I did read your message unlike you who immediately interpret my 1st comment as "we shouldn't ban Rhongo" lol

  8. I've literally seen more people like you complaining about the complainers than I've seen actual complainers. You're making a bigger deal out of their complaining than they're making with their actual complaining

  9. I like to call it "Unbound Rei" because he released all of his mental burdens

  10. He looks so cool but why in the goddamn hell is he a link 5 with a battle phase effect with no protection, straight up a Gladiator Beast wannabe

  11. Bro, the Branded the floodgate sucks

  12. I'm in Diamond, but I haven't came across it once

  13. It's more consistent yeah but it's useless going 2nd

  14. As usual, it's a baby banlist that barely changes anything and doesn't do nearly enough to balance the game and make it more enjoyable.

  15. That's most likely coming after the Duelist Cup

  16. I'm not getting my hopes up here. Maybe it's because they have to refund to UR dust of banned cards, but they seem super reluctant to hit cards that absolutely need to be hit, especially since it's a BO1 format and a lot more cards, like floodgates, are super unhealthy.

  17. They did hit some very problematic cards tho before like VFD And Halq

  18. They would be hella weak tho unless they make them stronger and still reference the rush series, then yeah

  19. Zone Eater and Lost Swordsman from a Distant Land for the bizarre 5-turn restriction on a single pop

  20. Those cards are very early effect monsters that weren't flip monsters

  21. Really cool archetype and it's used by possibly my favorite Yuboy

  22. The owner of the window is an absolute asshole

  23. Look bro, with the amount of balls that clearly, he might have gotten a window broken more then once and he is clearly pissed off

  24. GX will always be my favourite series everything after 5D wasn't that good show wise imo.

  25. Zexal was pretty great, weak at the start but it definitely got a lot better when it kept proceeding l, imo one of if not the best final arcs in Yugioh

  26. Listen. Any bonus to my Zombies makes me a happy man. Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon was my ace in the old day of Zombie World. Then he got an upgraded Synchro. Now he has an upgraded upgraded Synchro! Plus others. Always brings a smile to my face.

  27. Yeah it's really cool, he beat DoomKing and got a lot of his powers

  28. Man it just, like idk what CP this need to fill in and it hurts cus i love a certin sub-set of zombies but i know the build i make would be the bad un-pushed one so im just left with a bad tasite in my mouth either way

  29. You talking about Zombie World?

  30. Bor this feat is legit insane but it's hella inconsistent because Mark flexing was able to stop this

  31. Myutant Myutant, the new S-Force and Dragonbite really shouldn't be held out this long.

  32. Lubellion might be able to fusion summon GY and banish zone but it doesn't say it works when he is someone's belly

  33. They care about Krawlers

  34. Please have zombie world, doom king baledroch, necroworld banshee, glow up bloom in this structure deck.

  35. There are 2 UR spots left, all the packs released have 5 URs so there is a strong chance that DoomKing might come especially with how the fact that all Synchros have lore with him

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