Megathread: FBI Searches Former President Donald Trump's Florida Home

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  1. Fuck outta here with that bullshit. They were executing a search warrant signed off on by a federal judge.

  2. Howdy! Yeah, I'm having to buy in Seattle because Portland/Salem are both $4300 over MSRP, Eugene is friggin $9999. lol. I mean, hats off that they can sell them at that, but damn...

  3. Chicago Suburbs here, bastards are asking $10-15k over MSRP for both. The nearest Kia dealer even has a used EV6 with 4000 miles on it... asking 5k over the MSRP for a brand new one for that, which won't get any tax credit because it's used. Tried to work a deal with them - they wouldn't budge and gave an insulting trade-in offer for this car market.

  4. The irony is that if EVs were as popular among ICE drivers as OP wished they were, he probably never would’ve gotten his hands on this Ioniq

  5. They seem impossible to find without a hefty markup already. Fuck that.

  6. With Ohare being so big, I don’t understand how everything inside feels so small and cramped

  7. It is massive in terms of runways and taxiways and stuff, but the terminals are a tiny fraction of all that space.

  8. While I like the sentiment, I could never fucking set foot outdoors wearing any of those hate symbols.

  9. That should happen right after the house likely passes it on Friday.

  10. I kinda want to see this maybe put some manners on my local Kia and Hyundai dealers with their bullshit $15k markups on EV6/Ioniq 5.

  11. I know! It’s such an odd retro thing to have on a “futuristic” type of car. I really like it.

  12. It's the kind of thing some dealers tack on as a dealer-added accessory, then charge you $300 for it.

  13. I think you need to add some more information to get a good answer. Budget, type of living situation, how close to town, etc matter a lot

  14. I think Aurora’s past reputation is dragging it down a bit. I’ve lived here for five years now and am very happy. There’s still some neighborhoods you’re gonna want to avoid, but in general it’s pretty safe and quiet.

  15. I have Tektro hydraulic brakes on my other non-Trek bike, they're decent. They use the same brake pads and mineral oil as the Shimano ones.

  16. If I regularly rode my bike in traffic I would wear a helmet because that shit is dangerous as fuck, at least here in America. However, 99% of my riding is on bike trails entirely separate from traffic, so if I crash it's going to be entirely my own fault.

  17. I'm so impressed with honda how they made the hybrid effectively not have any major compromises compared to non-hybrid

  18. Yeah, pretty much the only thing they deleted from the hybrid was the spare wheel. It still has the space for one too.

  19. Save weight and a few bucks per unit, I guess. If it's not standard equipment then they can get their EPA MPG rating without carrying that weight.

  20. Just another reason to block all ads.

  21. They look stupid on any vehicle.

  22. You are correct. But, this particular Pockets was a salad restaurant on Orchard road.

  23. There was one on Kirk Road too. I think that might be where this photo is from. The sign is still up on the rear of the building, but not the front. The front is now one of those sketchy covid rapid test places.

  24. What happens if you press one of those four by mistake? Are you automatically subscribed? Can you easily get out? Does your screen show the ones you ARE subscribed to?

  25. It launches the app in question. If you’re not signed up for it you’ll probably be invited to, but it doesn’t force it or anything. The most annoying thing is that it immediately exits whatever you were playing at the time to do all this.

  26. That really sucks. It would be even worse if you tried to go back to where you were and you couldn't -- you had to start from the beginning.

  27. I'm sold on the FireTV stick just because I can use SmartTube on it. The 4K Max one is nice and fast, although still lacking in storage.

  28. Big fan here too. Great project.

  29. We went with a ‘22 Bolt EV 2LT, mostly because there was one in transit available from a local dealer. However, we would have picked it over the EUV anyway. Our priority was range and compact size. We just picked it up on Wednesday and are totally thrilled with it!

  30. Haha yep. I think the installer jumped right on that job because it was quick easy money

  31. Ha, I’m jealous. I have an ancient breaker with maxed out 100 amp service that’s going to need complete replacement.

  32. The whole transit thing is so weird. Even the dealer was surprised they received the vehicle so quickly.

  33. That gives me hope that maybe GM is branching out to more trucking companies to clear the backlog faster.

  34. We did the deal for an in-transit Bolt EV the same day as you. Still no ETA from the dealer :(

  35. It was a month exactly from when the dealer told me they had one marked in transit. And my dealer was really honest that they didn’t know the date. When I called and put down to the deposit they told me it could come in in a couple days, it could be August. I was never given an actual day like a lot of people on here seem to have been given.

  36. That’s exactly how my dealer put it. We’re still waiting but it has only been 2 weeks so far.

  37. We purchased one that was 'in transit' last Monday. Been in transit since 7/7 but as far as the dealer can tell it's just sitting in the lot at Orion Assembly with no ETA :/

  38. Yep, “In Transit” is typically shown on the dealer’s website for a number of statuses. However, if they use Freight Verify, they can see the status code. “4B” means it’s “bayed,” signifying the car is waiting for a truck (literally no ETA) or it was pulled for quality control with no exact reason or turnaround time. Usually it’s waiting for a truck, though. I would not take any dates your dealership gives you to heart - these ETA dates are just generated by GM and seem to be more hopeful than factual.

  39. I’m in IL too - western suburbs. Fingers crossed!

  40. 360 degree camera. They digitally edit out the stick part that they sit on so that it appears to just be floating alongside the bike.

  41. Because the people not accepting it are not reasonable people.

  42. Remote start by Alexa from inside my house sounds cool! Does that kind of thing require an active onstar subscription to use?

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