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  1. I mean I guess it's a good time to reprint this card as an ultimate. If the next format is really going to be a tier 0 one then I assume a lot of people will be playing the same 2 decks making this card better

  2. Eh, against splight at least you can hit the Toad. Idk against Tears tho

  3. Twars don't rely on their own in theme fusions that much, it's a toolbox

  4. Honestly none. Game is in a pretty good plave right now and nothing is particularly over powered or problematic....

  5. Buyna an official mat, not some low quality shit is my advice.

  6. I was thinking about a blue-eyes build focusing on Tyrant and using Skill Drain. Obviously it and bewd are unaffected by skill drain, plus it can recur skill drain. Might be decent anti meta.

  7. Was thinking something along those lines too but first I want to smooth out the engine first before I invest in skill drain ~ do correct me if I'm wrong but realistically there is no way to search it right? Outside of foolish burial goods at least.

  8. Yh goods is your best generic bet. Can also send therevival spell for its protection effect

  9. Someone smarter than me let me know if these are gonna be good in a pure branded/despia build

  10. I think we need to see if there's more cards first.

  11. I thought the story was ending, but no Aluber continues his rampage even after Albaz' death

  12. Battle of Chaos, but only because it isn't getting any reprints soon and isn't Synchro Storm.

  13. I read that as make more maxx "c" number cards and was so confused.

  14. Gorz, Torrential Tribute, and Ash Blossom as ultimates. I have been waiting since ASTRAL PACK for these (well, the first 2 cards at least) to happen. Honorable mention goes to Needle Ceiling as any holo since it's great in retro formats.

  15. Needle Ceiling would be a perfect cr as an old school card like rota and rivarly. I also expect we're getting Trap Trick and Compulse CR soon

  16. Chaos max ghost is a must! I know ocg has one. Just hope it gets the 3d treatment.

  17. Both perfect. Bond's ultimate foil father figure, and ultimate foil mother figure.

  18. Ishuzu cards won't be out until November so that part was kinda redundant, especially when Diviner costs a fortune rn.

  19. Diviner will likely be reprinted in September so don't worry about it for now

  20. Specifically for Tearalaments there's not muchbto pick up yet, and the Ishizu cards aren't out until November. But there are current archtypes that go well with the Tear deck. You could grab a small Albaz package of 1-2 Fallen of Albaz and 3 Branded Fusion, maybe some Alubers as well and pf course the fusions. Or there's the Danger package (my preferred choice) which is 3 Danger Nessie and 2 Danger Mothman.

  21. Splights are just a hell of a lot more consistent then adventurer. People are seriously underestimating how busted these dudes are.

  22. Definitely, especially on reddit. Might be denial/hopeful thinking. The consistancy and ability to play through hand traps is insane

  23. They barely need or use max c, its more out of convienience than really essential part of combo, what is use for max c will be use for other stuff here like psy (as an ex)

  24. Jesus i completely forgot gamma was level 2! That's a huge dif since we have 3. Great search and add as a back up if they board wipe you.

  25. Other than the obvious DT lore and Albaz lore, I like Solemn versus Forbidden story progression

  26. Oh yes. I'd forgotten about the connection those archetypes have. I also enjoy the dark ruler lore too. What's DT btw?

  27. Yh Dark Ruler and the skelenton dude revenge story. DT is duel terminal. Bigbsaga spanning all the dt/hidden arsenal series and even continued into core sets like Shaddoll.

  28. Lol they're complaining about not being able to cheat

  29. I'm thinking no, as we have Auroradon banned instead.

  30. Play the best deck. I'm looking forward to it. Also realised we're getting Ishizu cards and the 2nd wave of Tear support in Darkwing Blast just 2 weeks apart. Gonna be huge.

  31. You have some data on that? This sounds false, especially looking at the attendance rates of recent events.

  32. Someone hasn't played Bandai's latest card games

  33. I really miss the era of original crazy storylines of the og series characters. Like duelists of the roses.

  34. LOB-A is for Australia. Early on they were given their own version you can find the original 4 starter decks in ‘Australian English’ too. ‘EN’ has been used to denote any English release since The Lost Millennium in 2005, including things like newer prints of the LOB set.

  35. Ah i see thanks. So which ones are more valuable/rarer?

  36. Are ocg literally siding sanctum/scythe to replace Vanity's?

  37. Gotta love yugioh reddit that bitches about every format regardless of what it is despite having never played it.

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