1. Can you earn 14 in game or you have to buy it?

  2. Almost every disc comes up without a purchase that I’ve collected.

  3. It took me far less time to get this one as well. It feels a little less dependent on luck and more about hitting your lines

  4. Never saw the combo before and couldn’t fathom why it would be offered since the two effectively cancel each other.

  5. Still searching the Internet but outside this posting there is no other news of his passing. Anyone have an obituary or confirmation?

  6. I also figured this one out. And the picnic. Stuck on snakes

  7. Snakes I found. You say there’s a picnic too?

  8. I’m pretty sure those red fences are supposed to stop your disc they stop mine

  9. Yep that’s the only way…and with at least +2 windspeed in the right direction! Even when you hit the perfect line you have to to get several lucky breaks on your way to the basket! Brutal eagle to get!!

  10. Exactly. Tried so many times I figured it couldn’t be done.

  11. Tried em all, settled on accurate big skip musket and left the distance and short landing to Ballista and Rive.

  12. So the Rive… WB EG now goes farther than any combination of BP!!!

  13. What goes up, must come down. Also as your level goes up I do believe it gives you better opponents, harder holes, and stronger wing. Control for all that when you go to so your rigorous scientific study.

  14. I should mention that was round 1 of pro tour so the holes are the same for everyone.

  15. Clearly made it over the basket when you scrub at slow speed and freeze the image. Should have been in.

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